Poop Fairies watch over Jefferson County hiking trails: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

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Jefferson County officials should not be encouraging pet owners to believe that "There Is No Poop Fairy." As the illustration above indicates, scat scofflaws won't respond to any poop-pickup commandments unless they are being watched over by real, live poop fairies...

Poop Fairies Blog1.jpg
Jefferson County Poop Fairy Sheriff Ted Mink.

Instead of making speeches about the environmental impact of dog waste on ground water, Jefferson County Poop Fairy Sheriff Ted Mink should watch over hiking trails and make miscreant pet owners drink a glass of water containing their pet's poops.

Below, poop fairies stop making fun and start making tough choices...

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Jail Nation
Jail Nation

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Umm...why not just do what they are already doing in Lakewood


I think dog poo is more dangerous than horse poo. I may be wrong and will admit so but from what i read dog poo carrys lots of bad stuff like parasites and bacteria that horse poo doesnt. I agree both  should be cleaned up but this may explain why its not mandated like dog poo. Plus horse poo makes good fertilizer when composted, try some on your flowers.


yeah what about the horses.  a horse makes more poo in one day than my yellow lab in a week.  why is that not an issue\?  im tired of riding my bike through horse poo

Guest owners should clean up after their pet...but why do horse owners get a free pass? I see horse shit all the time on trails...more often than dog shit.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Thanks for sharing the link, Bill. Much appreciated.

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