Sean Wylam, 25, posts photo on Facebook before death on Snowmass Mountain

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Sean Wylam on Sunday. More photos below.
Judging from the photos Sean Wylam posted on his Facebook wall, he was a dedicated, experienced climber who enjoyed the outdoors at levels most of us can only dream about. At heights of thirteen-thousand feet and above, Wylam clearly seemed at home.

On Sunday, while climbing down the 14,099-foot Snowmass Mountain, Wylam died from injuries suffered in a rock slide.

A Pitkin County press release issued on Sunday states that a call for help was placed at 9:55 a.m., about an hour after Wylam had begun his trek down, according the below Facebook update:

Wylam's Facebook update on Sunday.
"At around 1100 hours Flight for Life began airlifting MRA rescuers into the field. Flight for Life was able to insert rescuers about 60 feet below the summit on the Eastern aspect. Rescuers are still making their way to the victim and Flight for life continues to shuttle rescuers to the drop off point," reads the statement issued Sunday afternoon.

From there, RealAspen reports that the helicopter reached Wylam around 1 p.m. and EMT's initiated CPR on Wylam around 3:40 p.m., en route to Aspen Valley Hospital. CPR continued at the hospital for thirty minutes.

Wylam died at 4:39 p.m. on Sunday, confirmed the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department.

Wylam, 25, had just moved to Highlands Ranch, according to his Facebook page. He was a native of Centralia, Washington.

Below are photos Wylam posted on Sunday from Snowmass Mountain:




Photos showing Wylam's life climbing -- also posted on his Facebook page -- continue on the next page. More photos are on his SmugMug page.

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Steve Dowling
Steve Dowling

I worked with Sean at TransCore in Albuquerque before he moved to CO and can say we're all shocked by this.  I had no idea he was into climbing mountains and probably would have done a trip with him had I known.  However, he was rather quiet and kept to himself for the most part.  He probably moved because he had apparently already climbed most of the interesting mountains here in NM and was looking for new challenges.  Sorry to hear this, but it is the risk that makes it exciting....  RIP Sean

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