Sexiest right-winger at Western Conservative Summit? Our top 20 countdown (PHOTOS)

rick santorum cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
Friday through Sunday, Colorado Christian University hosts the Western Conservative Summit, an event that's drawn plenty of the right's notables. But how to pick who to see? Sexiness, of course!

We've ranked the twenty main speakers in order of smoulder -- and plenty of these guys (and one gal!) definitely bring the heat. Conservatively speaking, that is. Let the countdown begin.

20. Pollster Pat Caddell (a Democrat -- so he's got to finish last!)

Pat Caddell.jpeg

19. Former Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong

bill armstrong.jpg

18. Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas

cal thomas.jpg

17. Fox News contributor Dick Morris

dick morris.jpg

16. Former UN ambassador John Bolton

john bolton.jpg

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A Denver Resident
A Denver Resident

Not that Dick Morris will ever be "hot" but he should be higher up the list due to past perv-ness and getting booted from the Clinton administration for being a prostitute toe-sucker; he'd get kink points at least, right?


So is this "top 20" kind of like "world's tallest midget", least evil Nazi", "conservative with the least greedy tendencies", or "thief least likely to steal your wallet" competition?

What a crew.

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