Teachers arrested for sex crimes: Should schools have to notify parents? Teachers union says no

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Courtney Bowles.
Should a school notify parents when a teacher is arrested -- a teacher such as Courtney Bowles, who was busted for getting naked with a student; Alex Tinsley, who police say asked a student if she wanted to join the Mile High Club; or Travis Masse, who police say had a sexting habit that involved underage girls? The Colorado Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, says no.

The CEA recently filed a civil lawsuit in Denver District Court challenging a regulation passed in April by the State Board of Education that requires schools to tell parents when a staff member is arrested for any number of offenses, including felonies, drug crimes, sex crimes and, if the staff member's job description includes transporting children, DUIs.

Kris Gomez, a staff attorney for CEA, says the rule is unconstitutional and tramples on school districts' rights. "It's interfering with a local district's authority to manage its employees," she says.

Furthermore, Gomez says, "when it's an arrest, there's no finding of guilt and no conviction." Notifying parents of an arrest is premature, she says.

"Our concern is that school district employees will be found guilty in the court of public opinion," Gomez says. "Lots of times, the district attorney will decide there's not enough evidence to go forward, and they'll dismiss the case. Yet the school employee is publicly vilified within their own community."

Even more disturbing, she says, is that the regulation does not include a requirement that schools notify parents if the staff member is eventually acquitted in court -- though she says schools do have to notify parents if the DA drops the charges.

Civil lawsuits tend to move slowly, so it might be a while before a judge weighs in. Meanwhile, schools will likely continue to send out the types of announcements that no parent ever wants to receive.

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Steve Redder
Steve Redder

The woman is a sexual predator This latest example as to why the teachers unions are a threat to the safety of our children.Eric: Your sick. Stay the hell away from children. your not of sound mind.



Attention grabbing headline, to be sure.

Should get the union haters' blood roiling, boiling, and pumping.

Examples cited were good, a couple of less than model teachers that were either convicted or copped a plea, and whose deeds were indeed absolutely inappropriate by the standards of common decency.

But,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are you, by raising this, ultimately hinting that in some cases the end justifies the means, that circumventing the U.S. Constitution is ok, if the reason's good enough?

The conservatives that take this bait will definitely say it is. The old "would ya waterboard if it meant finding the suitcase nuke?" Jack Bauer dilemma.

And tying individual rights to two louts via a union is a real "waving red flag in front of a bull" extravaganza/smorgasboard/hotbutton coup. 

I hope you're not.

Conservatives, by nature, are "flexible", very "flexible", when "end justifies the means" issues exist. Limbaugh, Caplis, 1y tommy t, "gunny bob", "heck of a job", Boyles, etc. type leeches send out easy answers to complex questions to an ever increasingly underinformed society, telling those goobers gullible enough to believe them that when a situation is dire enough, go ahead and break the rules just enough to fix it.

It's easier than actually thinking something through.

Like the debt ceiling. Kinda.

Here's hoping that wasn't your angle. 


Allways good to hook a conserve.

And it never fails.

As usual, you read about, oh say half, and went off on a typical conserve rant. Not even on topic, you halfwit. 

But I'm keeping you from your koa radio sermon.

You're excused..,

Steve Redder
Steve Redder

typical liberal arrogance --nobodies listening sodomite.


Reel him in, he's done.

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