Tim Tebow will be Broncos' starting QB, Kyle Orton will be traded, says poll of MHR bloggers

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Tim Tebow.
We're gathered here today to feature Denver blog posts.

Mile High Report's Nick Cast polls eight MHR staffers about Tim Tebow vs. Kyle Orton. Results: six say Tebow will or should start, five think Orton will be traded.

This Lively Earth's Priscilla Stuckey digs the Ceran St. Vrain Trail.

Free Colorado's Ari Armstrong: Stop the hatchet job on medical marijuana shops.

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Certainly everybody has a right to thier opinion.

My problem with Tebow is the same as it was a year ago. He can't play the quarterback position at the NFL level. I cannot for the life of me figure why it's so hard to see it.

Of these 5 guys polled, at least one was here back when the Broncos signed Charley Johnson. Craig Morton. Definately Elway, Plummer, Beurlein, and Frerrotte.

The common threads: a professional quality arm and the ability to use it, to compete, every series. 

Look, Tebow's probably reasonably close to the great guy, the role model he plays while selling his personal schtick,, his book, his religious franchise. No argument there.

But playing quarterback in that league requires talent at the tangibles, and the inability to throw at that level is what killed great runners like Bobby Douglass, Petertom Willis, and, come to think about it, just about every quarterback that ever graduated from Florida.

Elway and Fox are in the proverbial Chinese finger trap, and it's not of thier making. The really tough choice, jettisoning Tebow, and getting down to the business of building a competitive professional football team, quarterbacked by a professional such as Orton,is what they'll eventually have to do.

They will. 

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