Top 32 mug shots of June 2011 (PHOTOS)

Categories: Crime

ryann pangle mug shot cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
Our monthly mug shot roundups always feature criminals accused of doing awful things -- and that's certainly the case this time around. But June was also chock full of weird, from the alleged hit-and-swim driver and the woman who reportedly ran over a child but went back for her hubcap to the porta-potty-tank peeper and the guy who said he stabbed a puppy because "I'm not the Crocodile Hunter." Check out the entire gallery below -- and click on the names to get the rest of the story.

david cabral mug shot.jpg
David Cabral.

juan garcia castrejon mug shot cropped.JPG
Juan Garcia-Castrejon.

alex tinsley mug shot larger.jpg
Alex Tinsley.

Ward, Kurt taken 05-31-10.jpg
Kurt Ward.

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Sloppy Pie
Sloppy Pie

This is a good sample of how Mexicans commit a disproportionate amount of crime.

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