Ugliest House in Denver candidates are worse inside than out (PHOTOS)

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ugly house.jpg
Big pics below.
When we learned that Colorado, and specifically Denver, was part of the Ugliest House Contest 2011, we expected to see some unbelievable dives.

But while the five Denver homes that made the finals aren't exactly palaces, they're not nearly as shocking as anticipated -- until you look inside, that is. Check out examples below.

Voting for the contest -- sponsored by HomeVestors of America, Inc., which markets itself as the "'We Buy Ugly Houses®' company" -- runs through July 22, with the contest winner slated to receive a $500 gift certificate to Home Depot. The Denver contestants were chosen from suggestions made by real estate investors between March 1 and May 15.

At this writing, Candidate No. 1 features only a single shot -- and it won't exactly slacken your jaw:

1 ugly house.jpg
But the others feature considerably scarier images. Here's Candidate No. 2 from outside...
2 ugly house.jpg
... and inside...
2 ugly house inside.jpg
Candidate No. 3 outside...
3 ugly house.jpg
... and inside...
3 ugly house inside.jpg
Candidate No. 4 outside...
4 ugly house.jpg
... and inside...
4 ugly house inside.jpg
Candidate No. 5 outside...
5 ugly house.jpg
... and inside...
5 ugly house inside.jpg
By the way, the HomeVestors folks say most of the houses in the contest have already been rehabbed and transformed into "lovely homes." Bet it wasn't easy.

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