Malik and Seeme Hasan throw a wedding...on the web!

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Asma Hasan
What? You didn't get your invitation to the wedding of Asma Hasan, author of Why I Am a Muslim, and Tahir Ali? It's an extravaganza you won't want to miss -- if Malik and Seeme Hasan, through their Hasan Family Foundation, could pay $300,00 for losing gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis's "Musings on Water," just imagine what they would do for their daughter's wedding! And fortunately, you don't have to miss it -- because the wedding on Sunday, as well as the traditional Mehwndi ceremony tomorrow night, will be available by webcast.

Here are the details:


But if you watch, be sure to send an appropriate gift through Seabel's, a Pueblo store where the happy couple, who met online, is registered. Although they've already received the requested twelve Missoni "Margherita" settings "Dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer (Rose Pink)" at $395 per, they're still short of toasting flutes, fruit saucers and espresso cups.

Best wishes, Asma and Tahir!

Update: Shmuck of the week is taking a one-week break. In the meantime, see the complete Shmuck of the Week roster here.


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Patricia:  Did you even check with the family first before posting an image of a personal letter they sent onto the internet?  Seems like a huge invasion of privacy, along with a very significant error in judgment on your part.


I have to agree with Ali here. While what the family foundation pulled with Mcginnis may be reprehensible I am not sure that this really qualifies as schmuck of the week material....maybe if you had done it back when the water paper story broke....but people celebrating their childrens wedding....weak.

Miguel Ali
Miguel Ali

and btw - I do appreciate that you blacked out the address and webcast info - I know you didn't have to do that, and I appreciate that matters of privacy were considered

Thank you for that - with love and peace - ALI

Miguel Ali
Miguel Ali

uhhh..... Patricia, how does this qualify my two parents as "Shmucks of the week?"

Honestly, I don't wanna sound sensitive or seem like I can't take a joke, but past recipients of Schmuck of the Week include Landon Christopher Jensen, a man who sarcastically mocked our good law enforcement, while evading arrest, Abigail Suber, who threatened to call immigration on an innocent, hardworking, minority couple, Matthew Witherspoon, who stabbed an innocent puppy 12 times, and Frontier Airlines, who inappropriately asked a man off their plane, due to his having a disability

I do notice what could be criticism of the Hasan Family Foundation, but I believe this is also the same Foundation that spent millions building a business school in Pueblo, Colorado, as well as setting up scholarship programs to make sure that many of the people in Southern Colorado, especially minorities, could obtain a credited MBA

Schmuck of the Week?

Miguel Ali
Miguel Ali

Denverite - no, the Westword did not check with any family members on this topic


and you're right: This should not have been labeled shmuck of the week. my apologies; it's been recategorized.

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