Reader: Don't assume that all men walking alone at night are rapists, ladies

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Yesterday's post about a couple of late-night attacks (one allegedly involving a Taser) included a recommendation from the Denver Police Department that women not walk alone during the wee hours. One reader saw this advice as questionable -- because of the implication it makes about men.

Scotlandtard writes:

"...The DPD reminds women not to walk alone at night -- and that makes sense given these assaults..."

It makes sense only if you believe that women walking alone at night are asking for trouble. It makes sense if you believe that women walking alone at night are the problem.

Obviously, the source of the problem is men walking alone at night. Does DPD issue a "reminder" that all men walking alone at night are presumed to be rapists?

Guys, remember to warn all your buddies not to walk alone at night because that's what rapists do... so figure out a different way to get home from the bus stop or work or the bar. Be prisoners of fear, guys. This society believes that restrictions on your freedom to effing walk when you effing want to or need to are totally normal and to be expected.

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I'm not buying it...I'd actually like to add that men too might want to be isn't as if men aren't raped either...they are. This premise is a bit thin. We tell our children not to talk to strangers. Do we actually believe all strangers are it only takes one offender to destroy the lives of many considering I'm single, work very late hours with no companion to see me home safely while I wait for the 15 bus @ Colfax and Broadway...I'll err on the side of caution if you don't mind. 

Clint Talbott
Clint Talbott

Women's freedom to walk without fear of assault has been denied for centuries. Amazing that some men are offended that many women feel justifiable fear of unknown men. Until sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and all the insidious forms of sexism perish from the earth, I'd advise men like this indignant chap to count his blessings. 


While I get your point, forgive me if I err on the side of caution. Because while that neatly dresses man walking ten paces behind me might just be on his way home from a late meeting, I'd rather not find out otherwise.

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