Yukari Miyamae of Longmont allegedly admits to grabbing, twisting TSA agent's breast

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Yukari Miyamae mug shot.jpg
A lot of people get cranky at the notion of being groped by TSA agents before being allowed to board flights. But Yukari Miyamae is accused of fighting back in a weirdly hands-on way.

The Longmont resident has been accused of sexual abuse for allegedly grabbing and twisting a TSA agent's breast.

The incident reportedly took place on Thursday at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport. An arrest report says Miyamae, who's 61, grabbed TSA agent Barbara O'Toole's "left breast through her clothing and squeezing and twisting it with both hands without the victim's permission."

Which probably wouldn't have been forthcoming.

Miyamae, who's also said to have pulled away from an officer when she was being arrested, travels a lot. "I go through this every week," she told Fox31, "and every week there is some problem."

Although not quite like this.

In a brief chat with 7News, Miyamae added that she's a journalist; the New York Post IDs her as a writer and translator. However, the only hit her name scores in a Nexis search are related to her recent bust.

To coin a phrase.

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Good for her!  The TSA is out of control and they are a bunch of idiots who want to search toddlers and babies.




Good on her, they are going to grab you grab them.


I'm not so interested in Ms. Miyamae, but I would like to know more about the mental defectives who instituted such a law.


I totally agree

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