Yukari Miyamae, arrested for allegedly touching TSA agent's breast, tells her story on KGNU

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Yukari Miyamae.
Attorneys typically advise their clients not to talk publicly about open police cases. But Judd Golden gave the go-ahead to Yukari Miyamae, who made national news due to her arrest for allegedly grabbing and twisting a TSA agent's breast. A felony sexual assault charge was dropped, but she could still face a misdemeanor accusation -- yet she spoke about the incident at length yesterday on KGNU, where she's a longtime volunteer.

"She's volunteered for us for over five years," notes Sam Fuqua, KGNU's station manager. "She's one of the hosts of Sleepless Nights, our midnight to 3 a.m. show, and she's also a panelist on a monthly thing we do, International Press Roundtable. We have volunteers from the community who monitor media in other countries and discuss and compare how the media in, say, Japan in Yukari's case, covers things versus how the media in the U.S. covers it. And she also does some behind-the-scenes stuff, helping with our events. She's a very good person to have around the station."

When it came time to discuss the incident at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport, then, it was only naturally that she'd turn to someone at KGNU -- in this case Shelley Schlender, aka Shelley the Radio Lady, a volunteer producer and freelance radio reporter.

Their conversation took place yesterday, and in it, Miyamae revealed that she'd been abducted as a child and held for several hours -- an experience that makes her very wary of physical contact with people she doesn't know.

Cut to the day of her arrest. She didn't want to go through a full-body scan because she'd become a frequent flyer due to a new job as a translator and was worried about being repeatedly zapped by radiation. However, a TSA agent subsequently told her she'd have to undergo a pat-down, and when she balked, she says several agents, including one who virtually towered over her (Miyamae's just five-feet tall), boxed her in. At that point, she got panicky and came into contact with the woman's breast -- an accidental touch, she insists, with no grabbing or twisting involved.

In her telling, the situation was incredibly overblown -- but in the interview, she hardly comes across as an anti-TSA crusader. Her tone suggests that she never sought out this kind of spotlight and will be happy when it's directed at someone else.

As for Fuqua, he says, "I certainly support Yukari, and I support her being able to tell her side of the story."

To listen to Miyamae's entire interview with Schlender, click here.

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If the TSA were made to wear clown outfits while doing these searches (because that's what they are... clowns), I'm sure there would be much less animosity at airports towards the security agents.  They would be made to feel like fools (which they are), and we would be able to see them for what they are (idiots in clown costumes).  That said, I want to make it clear that it is not my intention to insult the hardworking people in the birthday or circus clown industries.  Very few would actually want to consider themselves below a TSA agent.  That's reaching the bottom of the barrel.  It's lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut.  


Go Yukari! Put those TSA (Total Sexual Assault) agents in their place. I, too, was subjected to an enhanced "pat-down", which was really a "rub-down", because there was no patting involved. The TSA agent rubbed her hands down my buttocks at least 6 times and rubbed my breasts all over, including both nipples! I was traumatized, crying, with my arms and legs spread open for all other people in the airport to see. Treated like a criminal, all because I went through the metal detector instead of the radiation machine at DIA. This is no way to make us safer -- this is just more indoctrination into the USA police state -- better not question the cops as they pinch your nipples, cuz they might haul you off to jail. Thanks to Yukari for standing up for all our rights!

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Strong take, Eric -- one we're going to make an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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