Al Gore's complaints about "bullsh@t" climate change claims produces more bullsh@t?

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al gore angry.jpg
Al Gore.
Here's our first Denver blog post collection of the week.

Colorado Independent's Troy Hooper writes that climate-change deniers reacted to Al Gore calling bullshit on them in Aspen by shoveling out more bullshit.

Free Range Longmont's Kaye Fissinger sees a ghost from the past.

Grazing Mind's Jarod Ballentine on making food more awesome.

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Doesnt that big headed, lying, sexual deviant Al Gore ever give up?  Its well known amongst those with brains that climate change was invented so as to allow rich people and corporations to trade carbon credits, and to afford the govt an avenue to tax energy consumption into oblivion.

Al needs to go to jail for fraud.

He looks like he is shitting in his pants in the picture above.

Fuck you Al, you pretentious piece of liberal shit.


Two choices for dildo, both bad.

Either you're an intellectually lazy, ill or uninformed faux news following goober, that isn't even bothering to research what's happening to this planet we all are responsible for,.............

You're intellectually dishonest.

Cletus, that means you know damn well that your own behavior is contributing to the rapid acceleration of damage to this earth and you'd rather dumb up and deny it than sack up, admit it, and change your life habits.........if even a tiny bit.

It also means you're a definition.

So, I'm guessing you think you recognize the face of someone loading their shorts from personal experience.

You new name is pantload.

Thanks for playing, pantload.

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