Frances Garcia allegedly used blanket to quiet crying baby Adam Gonzales -- permanently (13)

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Big pics below.
Update: In our earlier coverage about the death of ten-month-old Adam Gonzales, we noted that plenty of mysteries remained.

Now, we're getting more information about Frances Garcia, who allegedly responded to the baby's crying in a way that adds up to murder, and Amanda Lujan, who faces accessory beefs.

According to Denver District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough, the arrest affidavits pertaining to Garcia and Lujan have been sealed. All the office will reveal at this point is that Garcia is accused of wrapping Gonzales in a blanket, placing him in a closet, propping up a bottle and then covering his face with, presumably, a second blanket in order to muffle his sobs. He was found dead on the morning of Friday, August 5.

As for Lujan, she's said to have lied to police about what happened.

Lujan, charged with accessory to first-degree murder and accessory to child abuse resulting in death, is free after posting a bond. But Garcia, who faces first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death counts, remains in custody. The pair will next be in court on August 19.

Look below to see the booking photos of Lujan and Garcia, followed by our previous coverage.

Lujan, Amanda.jpg
Amanda Lujan.

Garcia, Frances.jpg
Frances Garcia.

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Graphic below.
Original item, 11:44 a.m. August 8: Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson says "two females were arrested" in the Friday death of ten-month-old Adam Gonzales at a home on the 800 block of Tennyson -- and indeed, Frances Garcia has been charged with murder and child abuse, while Amanda Lujan is looking at an accessory to murder count. But at this writing, plenty of mysteries remain.

The Denver coroner's office has completed an autopsy of Adam, but the cause of death remains pending -- meaning presumably, that more testing will be needed in order to pin it down. Nonetheless, police reportedly found evidence of child abuse that Jackson can't share at this writing.

Look below to see an interactive graphic of the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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damn yall u ppl only kno half the story ppl make mistakes in their lifes some bad then others and who are u guys to judge only god can judge ppl but  they tryin to make it sound like the mother is a bad person and fuck who ever said anything bout denver Denver is a great place to be and denver have its issues like other cities look at other states and citys dat have more mothers actully killin their kids and murder rates r high along wit rape and other horrable crime agaenst child and woman so fuck yall


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Wow, I bet Amanda never needs to worry about a Halloween costume - she is scary1

Megan Kosciuszko Squier
Megan Kosciuszko Squier

I don't get how these women manage to get pregnant if they don't want babies. My husband and I have been stuck using condoms only for the past 6 years because the meds I'm on reduce the effect of birth control hormones and I've NEVER been pregnant.

mom of 3
mom of 3

why do some women shave off all there eyebrows just to badly pencil them back on?

I feel so bad for this little boy. If you can't handle a crying baby don't have them. Period.


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Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Quite the mug shot, isn't it? Thanks for the post, adarc.

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