Raul Nunez-Sota, Tina Louise Moya & a teen busted in Richard Limon slaying (19)

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Big pics below.
Update: Yesterday, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office confirmed the identity of the man found off Lariat Loop Road as Richard Limon, a 69-year-old with a rap sheet 51 years long.

Now, the JCSO has announced the arrest of three people for the crime: Raul Nunez-Soto, Tina Louise Moya and a thus-far-unidentified seventeen-year-old.

Thus far, the JCSO isn't revealing the connection between Limon and Nunez-Sota, who turns 47 tomorrow, Moya, 38, or the teen. But all three are being held without bond on suspicion of first-degree murder.

Here's a larger look at the mug shots of Nunez-Sota and Moya, followed by our earlier coverage:

Nunez-Soto, Raul (082664) Jeffco 1st degree murder.jpg
Raul Nunez-Soto.

Moya, Tina Louise (101272) Jeffco1st degree murder.jpg
Tina Louise Moya.

lariat loop homicide investigation.jpg
Video below.
Update, 12:21 p.m. August 24: Six days after a pair of bicyclists discovered a body off Lariat Loop Road, the dead man has been identified as Richard Limon, 69. And while reps from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office are still keeping many of the details about the case to themselves, they've revealed that the case is being treated as a homicide -- which makes sense given that Limon, whose first bust dates back to 1960, was stabbed to death.

Original item, 9:30 a.m. August 19: At this writing, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has not officially defined the death of a 69-year-old Denver-area man found off Lariat Loop Road as a homicide.

But even before the final coroner's report is in, investigators see it as suspicious enough to investigate it that way.

According to JCSO spokesman Mark Techmeyer, "two cyclists were riding the Lariat Loop. It's unclear to me if they were going up or down, but they stopped at a switchback to take in the view and looked down over the guardrail. And about twenty yards down, they saw a man's body and called 911."

Given specifics about the man's age and Denver-area residency, it's clear that the JCSO knows the identity of the victim. But this information has not yet been made public, pending next-of-kin notification and a cause-of-death determination by the coroner's office. That information should see release soon.

Meanwhile, Techmeyer stresses that officers see no connection between the death and reports about potential sabotage of bike riders on Lariat Loop in advance of this month's USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Deputies still haven't concluded that broken glass found on the roadway was placed deliberate to flatten bike tires, as seems to be+ the case in Deer Creek Canyon, where tacks have turned up in the days and weeks leading up to the Deer Creek Challenge bike race. Besides, the locations are "completely different," Techmeyer says. "The glass was more toward the top. This was about halfway up."

Look below to see a brief 9News report about the body's discovery, followed by an interactive graphic showing the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

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Tf im out now n your uncle ruined my life this whole story its not all there only peole who know what happened that daddy of the murder is my mom. Tina my husband edwin. Raul and me so stfu thanks ~NENA YEP IM OUT

Dana Ibarra Flores
Dana Ibarra Flores

It's unfortunate a man is murdered and just left in the mountains like a chicken bone. However, do you think that he thought about the child he was raping repeatedly. And how he scarred her entire life...NOT!!!!!!!!! The lost of his life will never compare to a lifetime of living with the fact that it happened. What a tragedy all the way around.


im sooo glad that these people are caught for KILLING MY UNCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was a bicycle found with the body?

Dana Ibarra Flores
Dana Ibarra Flores

True it would be nice to get rid of all cho-moes. But that wont take ones pain away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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