Doug Lamborn named Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in the World for tar-baby line (VIDEO)

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Doug Lamborn.
Yesterday, a Colorado Springs Gazette editorial and a big percentage of online poll takers deemed Congressman Doug Lamborn's line that compared being associated with Barack Obama to touching a tar baby no big deal.

Keith Olbermann begs to differ. On his Current TV show last night, he called the Lamborn remark flat-out racism en route to anointing him the "Worst Person in the World." See the clip below.

Olbermann dismissed Lamborn's apology to Obama for using a term that "some find insensitive," maintaining that "tar baby" has been continuously demeaning to African Americans since the 1880s. He also took a shot, although not by name, at KHOW, the radio station where Lamborn delivered the dubious description on Friday, asserting that it attracts a "white, Beck/Hannity carrying radio station audience that secretly delights in hearing those remarks."

Yes, Glenn Beck has been a longtime feature of KHOW's lineup, while Sean Hannity is a fairly recent addition, replacing Olbermann's old foil, Bill O'Reilly.

By the way, Lamborn -- or, as Olbermann refers to him, "Doug 'I'm sorry if I called you a cracker, became some people find the term cracker insensitive, I mean moron' Lamborn" -- narrowly won last night's Worst Person in the World honors over Pat Buchanan, who wrote in the context of the debt-ceiling debate: "Mocked by The Wall Street Journal and Sen. John McCain as the little people of the 'Lord of the Rings' books, the Tea Party 'Hobbits' are indeed returning to Middle Earth -- to nail the coonskin to the wall."

Yes, "coonskin" -- a term that "some find insensitive" as applied to a president of African-American descent.

Click here to listen to the entire Lamborn appearance, and check out the Olbermann segment below.

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This idiot, Doug Lamborn, knew damn well what the term "tar baby" meant. Not only is he a racist, but he's a liar. I tried leaving a message on his congressional voice mail in DC. His mail box is full. Not surprising. His apology is meaningless. He said what he wanted to say. Hopefully, his constituents will be embarrassed by this fool and his ignorance and vote him out!! I think the people of Colorado are a lot better than this and deserve decent people representing them.

Ari Armstrong
Ari Armstrong

I find it astounding that Roberts is keeping this bogus story alive -- while neglecting to mention that Westword's own Patricia Calhoun and Alan Prendergast have used the term tar baby -- a reference to African folklore -- in their articles. For details see


The "apology" was definitely no apology.

It was another in your face, "I'm gonna disrespect this black democratic president and there's nothing you can do about it" taunt from an arrogant guy that knows his "stupid's the new cool"  base.

Too often, people forget that a person in the U.S. Congress doesn't have to placate, even tolerate anybody out of his or her district. Lamborne knows the more racist, bomb throwing and derogatory verbiage he uses, the better he looks to the voters in his CD5.

To these  goobers, it's a way to fight back against what they see as an encroachment on their perceived white privilege.

His strange comments and overt racism may seem out of touch to most of us, but to this slice of early 1900's americana, it's the sweet sound of the country preacher. 


Bogus story?



The "you did it first" con doesn't excuse blatant and purposeful racism aggressively used on an ultra-conservative radio program, intended as a fist pump moment, directed at the most extreme and partisan listening demographic on the radio dial for that time slot.

Caplis' listeners knew the meaning and cheered it.

Wrong's wrong.

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