Doug Lamborn's Tar Baby race paste sticks longer: Kenny Be's back-to-school supplies

Doug Lamborn's Tar Baby Race Paste Color Kenny Be Westword Blog Head.jpg
Representative Doug Lamborn capitalizes on a remarkable skill for creating sticky situations by introducing his new Tar Baby race paste. Developed by crafty congressmen for budget-burdened back-to-school students, Lamborn's Tar Baby race paste sticks faster, and longer, than the leading white power adhesives...

Doug Lamborn's Tar Baby Race Paste Color Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg

As illustrated above, Lamborn's Tar Baby race paste goes on sticky and stays stuck. The toxic, non-safe formula was created by a pasty politician, and it won't wash off.

To open/close: Twist cap to right to open. Always close cap tightly and store uptight. Application: Use on divided surfaces. For rhetoric, spread thinly, press, act surprised. For foot in mouth, spread heavily on foot and lips, clamp, wait forever. Clean up: Never.

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Boy talking about the racism; from the black and Democratic Party communities, getting thick in this deliberate attempt at political opportunism. This cartoon is ridiculous. But isn't it puzzling that the white race is the only race not allowed to be proud of itself. Isn't that odd? Odd considering that it was black slave trader's who sold their own into slavery. Odd that the decedents of slavery are now enjoying a much better standard of living than if their ancestors had stayed in Africa. Odd that the party of the Democrat's formed the KKK. Odd that the Republican Party was formed on an anti-slavery platform. Odd that the "Tar Baby" story came from the black slave community. Are blacks insulting themselves by not wanting a legitimate usage of the original story done in the proper way? Odd that a roving hordes of black youth attacked only white people in the mid-NW? Shameful reactions by some black leaders who show no regard for their own race as they intend to keep fanning the seeds of their own bitterness and false white guilt. 


I have to have a t-shirt, with the text above on the back.  When can I get one, Kenny Be?

You are a true and singular talent.

And I'm not just saying that to get a t-shirt.


The celebration of "new speak" continues unabated.

Cheers,Winston Smith

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Nice literary reference, Winston. Thanks for posting.

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