Reader: John Hickenlooper is an uninformed industry apologist when it comes to fracking

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Alan Prendergast's recent post quoted Governor John Hickenlooper as calling the prospect of contamination from fracking "inconceivable."

But one reader thinks he wouldn't have any problems conceiving of this prospect were he not buddying up to the oil and gas industry.

Judy Jordan writes:

An unabashed industry apologist who obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. When is the last time he studied this? Fracking itself takes place deep in the earth, in some cases at depths well below useable aquifers. But Hick anad his good old industry buddies miss the point. The wells go right THROUGH the aquifers on the way down to the hydrocabon bearing zone, and since they're not sealed properly, they serve as conduits for the fluids to rise up to zones that ARE close to the useable aquifers

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Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Hick exhibited the same cluelessness long before he was elected Governor, but this is a man who supposedly earned a degree in geology many years ago!  Denver elected this failed petrologist turned restaurateur and bland, tabula rasa, Chamber-of-Commerce Democrat to two terms as Mayor; now Colorado is stuck with a Governor who has the skills and vision required to run a restaurant and shill for natural gas producers

Governor, never mind how easily your new patrons duped Colorado voters into defeating a fair severance tax on the gas they pump out of the ground comparable to that in neighboring states -- if you stand for the public interest, you will lead a new campaign to charge the natural gas industry its fair share of the wealth it is reaping from Colorado.  You had better stand up against these rapists, who have no compunction about destroying aquifers if it maximizes profit.

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