Highland walking tour reveals strange changes: Kenny Be's Big Picture

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Everyone gets screwed in Lower Highland.

Organized by the Discovery Series committee of the Urban Land Institute's Young Leaders Group, today's Highland walking tour will feature the architects, developers and builders who are causing the strange changes in an older neighborhood being replaced by the new...

West 32nd Avenue Building Boom Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
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The Urban Land Institute claims their LoHi walking tour will reveal the secrets of success in the Highlands neighborhood. The event starts at 2:00 P.M. at Little Man Ice Cream, 2620 16t Street. Featured speakers will include developers Paul Tamburello and Bruce Heitler, who will be patting themselves on their backs and collecting the phone numbers of future buyers.

What the walking tour won't show is how bad the current home building designs are for old and new residents alike. As captured in the photograph above, new homes fill the lot and places the deck on the roof. The gardens and porches of older homes allowed neighbors street-level outdoor activity space to see and be seen. The new homes are not conducive to such antiquated human social interaction.

Below, the walking tour should focus on all that the Highland neighborhood is losing...

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