Kyle Orton trade: Is a deal with the Miami Dolphins really dead? Or can it be revived?

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Kyle Orton.
A Kyle Orton trade to the Miami Dolphins seemed all but certain to take place last week. Then, the Dolphins acquired QB Matt Moore and reportedly abandoned negotiations for Orton's services. But is the possibility of Orton in teal really off the table? Or, in the tradition of Monty Python, could this dead deal somehow wind up getting better?

ESPN's Bill Williamson sees an Orton trade as still possible, but not imminently. He thinks the market for Orton will revive only if "a starting quarterback gets hurt or falters badly in the preseason." But the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero isn't willing to put a toe tag on an Orton swap with the Fish. Check this tweet:

Keith Sims agrees with me that the Kyle Orton possibility to the Dolphins is not dead.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Salguero goes into more detail in the column "Don't Rule Out a Miami Dolphins Deal for QB Orton." He writes, "This negotiation has been a poker game and everyone is holding great cards while bluffing at the same time. It seemed like the Dolphins folded early Friday. So why has no one truly walked away from the table? It's not over."

Why not? Questions about Moore and current signal-caller Chad Henne, not to mention the ineptitude of the Dolphins offense in camp to date, which featured "too many check-down passes, a handful of mishandled snaps, and not enough eye-popping plays to suggest good days are ahead" in Salguero's view. As a result, he maintains, Dolphins fans "better pray that Orton gets traded to Miami" -- or prepare themselves for a "monstrous kind of ugly."

The potential for building demand for a transaction among the Miami base could be echoed in Denver. Thus far, Orton has been running the first-team offense, and observers say he's clearly more polished and confident than is fan-fave Tim Tebow. But the same was true in training camp last year -- and it didn't translate to many victories. A long-running quarterback controversy might be averted if Orton starts and wins consistently -- but given the mediocrity of the 2010 squad, that's a long shot. And do the tandem of John Elway and John Fox really want to be spending month after month fending off demands from Tebow loyalists that he be inserted into the starting lineup?

Probably not -- but if Orton gives the Broncos their best chance to win, they may be stuck with that chore. Unless Dolphins loyalists force that franchise to get back in the Orton game, that is.

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big suprise, another uninformed tebow hater, eric your talking like you've sat there and watched the practices but in reality the only sources of information come from biased analysts (one way or the other) there is no honest answers everyone either loves or hates the guy too much and the same damn source gets reposted and reworded over and over by these lazy writers . but to say he hasnt been improving and spent too much time on his book tour to work on his fundamentals is just plain idiotic (maybe you havent heard of his work ethic?) ive read from a number of sources and blogs saying that his footwork and throwing motion have improved greatly despite only working with the second team. did u ever think that maybe ortons taking all the snaps with the first team to make it look like he has value for those pursuing him? maybe raise his stock a little?  either way we wont know til the season starts but it wouldnt hurt to pay attention a little before opening your mouth


Orton's taking snaps with the first team because he's number one on the depth chart.

Tebow's now 3 behind Quinn.

Know what you're taliking about the next time you post.


Eric...I don't want to confuse you with facts...but,

1.all of the "Orton is ahead of Tebow" nonsense is media drama started by Mike Klis of the Denver Post, and then picked up by other outlets. 

2. He's No 1 on the depth chart because Denver is trying to increase his trade value. 

3.Hating Tebow doesn't qualify you as knowledgeable. 

4. It's time to consider the fact that all of the NFL teams in need of a QB passed on Orton.  That resonates far louder than any sensationalized media report  


Better check what everybody in the national media's saying today.

Realizing the kid can't play doesn't make a person a "tebow hater", you dolt.



I'll repeat this just in case you didn't understand it the first time; with an addendum: Hating Tebow doesn't qualify you as knowledgeable.  Addendum: However it does qualify you as ignorant. 


Let's not forget Jacksonville passed on Tebow, and they were very unhappy with Garrard.

That's his hometown, if you didn't know.

He can't play.

And no, Orton's taking snaps.....................all the snaps...................with the first team because he's one on the depth chart.

Tebow's now 3, behind Quinn, about a finger nail's width ahead of Weber.

Don't let you zealotry confuse you with facts.

He can't play.

Did I mention he can't play?


Quinn's a proven bust, Tebow's a mirage, and now Orton has to be pretty pissed . Way to go there Mr. Ed. Looks like a page from Josh Mc Daniels...send your best qb packing,,,


Better hope it's dead. Orton's embarrassing him, and it's obvious.  

Failing that, should something break, and Orton does go, It'll be Quinn's turn.

Tebow's "not ready". That's a charitable way of saying he can't play. Practices since thursday have shown Tebow to be foot slow, almost robotic, innacurate, awkward, and tentative.

Every practice, every day.

One thing Elway should have, maybe he did, insist on before the lockout was for Tebow to work on his feet. He looks horrible, amateurish. And that's being kind.

Right now, Tebow's behind Weber in the tangibles.

Tebow's living proof , to his peril, whether he's realized it or not, the"wow" factor goes away real quick if you can't execute basic quarterback fundamentals in vanilla drills.

Tebow should have done something like a football camp or gotten an instructor over the off season. Peyton Manning worked tirelessly on his feet off year one, and the difference made him a superstar. But it does take work.

It's hard to improve your footwork on a book tour.

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