Reader: ESPNer Merril Hoge's Tim Tebow shots would mean more if he'd been a better player

Merril Hoge.
ESPN's Merril Hoge went on a Twitter rampage against Tim Tebow this week, then appeared on 104.3/The Fan to defend his criticism of the Chosen One. By doing so, Hoge made himself a target, and one reader fired back at him using his own skills as an NFL running back, mostly exhibited in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform.

Knoxtd writes:

Hoge, time for a new cat scan? Not getting enough air time lately? It's not hard to be an expert sitting on your ass in Kentucky.

We all remember your stellar career. Convenient trips and alligator arms comes to mind. Rooney's pet charity case that never fully materialized.

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If God had wanted Tebow to be anything other than a quarterback, the angel would've told Tebow's mother when she learned she was pregnant.  Her belief that he is a "miracle baby" is supposed to miraculously endow him with skills.

p.s.  While there is a reason Hoge won a $1.55 million malpractice judgment for the irreversible brain damage he suffered, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that Tebow possesses the athletic skills of a third-string H-Back.

Jon S
Jon S

I agree 100%. If Tim Tebow were a better player with the skills to actually play QB, then Hoge's criticism would mean much more.

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