Molly Midyette, in jail for the death of her baby, will get a hearing next month

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Molly Midyette.
Molly Midyette was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for the death of her infant son -- a son who'd taken ill while she was at work, and her then-husband, Alex, was at home with the boy. This spring, she finally told her side, the side that insists Alex and his powerful Boulder family sabotaged her defense in order to help his case, to Westword in "Bedtime Story," and now she'll get a chance to tell it to a judge next month.

This week, Molly learned that her hearing date on a request for a new trial has been moved up from January 30, 2012, to September 19, because the judge in the case, District Judge Lael Montgomery, is retiring October 1. Although the Midyettes were charged in Boulder County, where Molly's trial was held in December 2007, the courts approved the appointment of a special prosecutor from Jefferson County in June. That's because Boulder DA Stan Garnett has recused his office from the case, noting that some lawyers with that office may be called to the stand.

The hearing should run September 19 through 23. The last scheduled day of that hearing will be Molly's 33rd birthday -- and the fourth birthday she's spent in prison. According to the announcement from her support group:

Molly will be in court facing the Midyettes and Paul McCormick for the first time since she spoke out against them. Seeing friendly faces in the courtroom will help her manage the difficult emotional challenge of testifying. Molly and her family have been waiting over 3 years, Molly in prison, for this hearing, which will determine whether or not she received a fair trial in December 2007.

Before that hearing, you can listen to Molly Midyette's story in this video:

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OK, let me see if I follow here. Molly used to be a liar, but now she's telling the truth? OK, sure. Why doubt her?

Molly Midyette -- why is she still using the name if she's divorced from such horrible people? -- is not in jail for killing her son. She is in jail for not getting him help. No where in this article is that pointed out, and it's absolutely central to the issue, so you have to conclude it was left out on purpose. She is not in jail "for the death of her infant son." She is in jail for negligence. You are demonstrably wrong -- go to the courthouse and see for yourself! -- and I request that you should retract and revise this artical.

Moreover, Westword shades the true facts by saying the crime happened "while she was at work."

Westword did not attend the trial, and apparently did not read any of the coverage. The autopsy clearly stated that the 27 broken bones were in various stages of healing, meaning they did not all happen "while she was at work."

She is in prison -- not "jail" -- for what she did -- and did not do -- after she got home from work and in previous misstatements to doctors and family. 

Instead of protecting or even helping her baby, the habitual liar she is sat down and concocted a story to protect herself, to hell with how horribly that little baby was suffering. Again, she is not in prison for killing her baby. She is in prison for being criminally negligent.

Now c'mon, Westword, tell the whole truth: Who of us can argue that as soon as she saw that baby -- her baby -- was hurt, she should have called an ambulance or rushed him to the hospital, instead of sitting down to work out a lie to protect her and her wealthy lifestyle? 

Not as sympathetic as the story you're trying to portray, is it?

I've given up on the idea that Westword is objective, but you could at least try to get the basic facts right. 


She's in JAIL?  I am pretty sure she is is PRISON!  Huge difference, so I am lead to believe.


Free Molly ! This case is a clear example of women are treated differently than men by the justice system and society as a whole.


Randy I agree with you.  However there is more.  Molly was home on Feb 24 when Jason showed signs of illness.  Jason was ill at 5am.  With Molly present Jason stiffened, was extremeley lethargic and obviously showed signs of illness.  Molly made a concious decision and instead went to work and went about her day rather than taking her newborn to the doctor.  Days prior to this event on Feb 22, Jason was soley in Molly's care and vomiting.  Again she sought no medical attention.  Perhaps Molly dropped Jason and caused his injuries.  An infant vomiting is a sign of illness.  Molly was convicted of Recklessly and Knowingly Child Abuse, which means she knew that he was ill but failed to get him medical attention.

Alex Midyette was convicted of Negligence which is that a reasonable person should have known.  A much lesser charge.

Westword is certainly not objective and should have done their research before her interview. The interview was set up by her attorney Ruttenberg and Westword asked no questions but rather printed a reherarsed interview presented by Molly and her attorneys.  Journalism at its best. 

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