Reader: National Park passes don't cover fee areas popping up at Colorado National Forests

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Plenty of readers were surprised to learn (from Patricia Calhoun's recent post) that merely stopping to take a photo at Mount Evans scenic byway will cost a visitor $10.

But one commenter was well aware of the situation -- and notes that it's not an isolated incident.

Crandle writes:

I purchase a national park pass annually that is advertised as a pass good for accessing national forest as well as other public lands. What they don't tell you is that these new "fee areas" popping up all over colorado's national forests are not covered by the park pass. The fee areas are run by private businesses that are making a profit off a public resource. Grrrrrr...

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How long are we going to put up with this nonsense?  At every turn, the government steals more of our money.  At some point, people are going to get fed up, and the streets will explode.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

It actually does cost money to maintain the Byway.  I think that Forest Service amenities are a public good which should be funded out of general revenue accruing from taxation.  You oppose taxes, and fees as well it would seem, so I suppose that you favor letting the Byway decay (or selling it off to the highest bidder).

When "the streets explode", I'm sure the fascists will win, just as they did in the Weimar Republic -- look out though; remember what happened to the S.A.

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