Anthony Silva, Army sergeant, texted parents he was "in some sh*t" before his murder (12)

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Anthony Silva.
Update:Early on July 23, Sergeant Anthony Silva texted his parents from a Motel 6 in Denver a short time before he was due to head home to Illinois. The message read: "In some shit but ok. Call me 2morrow."

Before that call could come, Silva was dead -- allegedly murdered by Ricky Scott, 22. But police emphasize that the investigation is still open.

News about the text comes from CBS4, which spoke with Silva's mother, Diana, about the slaying of her son.

"It's bittersweet," she says. "You know, I'm glad we got the guy, but it doesn't bring Tony back."

Silva's death followed a series of bad breaks. He loved the Army and wanted to re-enlist, but a back injury put an end to this plan. So he began his journey home -- but on the night before his death, United Airlines canceled his flight. According to his parents, the airline recommended that Silva stay at a Motel 6 on Paris Street, where he was planning to meet his dad. He was last seen taking his beloved dog for a walk.

Thus far, the Denver Police Department hasn't released a photo of Scott, who reportedly has a record marked by arrests for drug possession and extortion, among other things. He was arrested at his west-side home, where at least one of his neighbors overheard a conversation that sounded "gangsta" to her. That the investigation is continuing suggests the possibility of more arrests in this tragic case.

Look below to see a CBS4 video, followed by our previous coverage -- including a photo of Silva with his dog.

Original item, 7:37 a.m. August 29: In late July, Army Sergeant Anthony Silva was staying at a Motel 6 on Paris Street shortly before a planned return to his Illinois hometown. But shortly after taking his dog for a walk, Silva was found dead.

Now, 22-year-old Ricky Scott has been arrested in connection with the murder.

Silva was reportedly planning to meet his dad at the hotel. He'd wanted to stay in the Army, but a back injury reportedly put the kibosh on his plans to re-enlist. And there's no doubt he loved his pets, as witnessed by this photo the Denver Police Department released following his slaying:

anthony silva 2.jpg
Anthony Silva and friend.
At this point, the DPD hasn't released a mug shot of Scott or much information about his capture, other than that it took place Thursday evening near a motel on West 37th Avenue. But this development is undoubtedly a relief to the Silva family, and to everyone who's been following this awful incident.

More from our Mile High Murder archive: "Fatal shooting on 1800 block of Kendall Street in Lakewood, cops seek three suspects (10)."

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Damn what a sad story...God rest his soul and comfort his family.


Bring our boys home and send all the sumbags like this to the war zone!!! It will get them out of here and who cares if they return alive, if they do they can start serving their time in prison then!!!


I know this is a small, oh so small, consolation, but I read in a St. Louis newspaper that Sgt. Silva's dog, Jack, was back in the motel room when police arrived the next morning.

A small thing to be sure, but somehow knowing Jack didn't end up a victim of the shitbag that killed Sgt. Silva somewhat softened the blow. I do hope Jack will be some comfort to Sgt. Silva's family.

I had hoped for something like this, and have been pretty confident that the Aurora police would have a suspect this early.

Bless this honorable man's heart, he risked his life for our culture, our way of life, and was robbed of his life after coming home from a combat zone.

Thanks for the update Michael.

Reed Ascolo
Reed Ascolo

 how did he risk his life for my way of life? no pun intended... but the iraq and afghan occupations have nothing to do with my freedom, they arent invading us. you are brainwashed. as far as anthony goes, what a tragic loss, condolonces to the family.


I'll refrain from calling you an ignorant and completely clueless fuck.

But it's not easy.

When a young person enlists in the United States military, that person takes an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. That person doesn't choose which conflicts he or she will or won't be involved in, which occupations are ok with him or her, where to be deployed, and for how long.

I hate agreeing with you on anything, mainly because it makes me want to go get cleaned up, but we do think the same about Afghanistan and Iraq. Huge mistakes that take years to undo, The disengagement process is really complicated, and the ill will that the previous administration caused world wide, with their cowboy mentality, is like a cancer that is close to impossible to treat.

What was clear to any rational person when I said "way of life". "culture", was that this very honorable young man chose a profession that is the highest calling possible..........and one way too few people choose...........wearing the uniform of our military.

While you are correct in that the two wars you referenced are mistakes, which this Administration is, albeit, slowly, extracting us from, you do this young man a disservice and you disrespect him in death with your ignorant and uneducated post.

His service in the United States military has everything to do with your freedom, you moron.

Even responding to you makes me want to go get showered off, it's the same slimy feeling you get passing by a walmart or hearing the voice of a draft dodger like rush limbaugh.


Well, he has a gun. In my opinion it's too bad that we're not forcefully deporting people like you from our country. After all, we could, which makes us defenders of your freedom by default, because we could just as easily kick in your door and get rid of you and your whole family. Think about that next time when you're talking shit - Because in my opinion it's what we really should do. Traitors like you helped the 9/11 attackers.


And you're as bad or maybe even dumber than this reed guy.

Yikes, a clueless dolt on one side and a probable extreme right wing, conservative, republican 1y tommy t tancredo loving nativist (That I'll bet never served.......just a hunch) on the other.

What a pair!   


Racists are not patriots, your no better than the D bag that killed Silva. BTW Silva is a latin name and latinos are the largest ethnic group in the armed forces. 

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