Robert Seamans: Alcohol, pot finding doesn't make Rockies fan's Coors Field fall less tragic

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Big pics below.
After Rockies fan Robert Seamans died after sliding on a Coors Field railing, some readers objected to us including photos of him having a great time during a previous visit to the ballpark. We argued that such shots only made him more relatable to those of us who've done precisely what he did and survived. That's still true now that an autopsy shows he had alcohol and THC in his system.

Seamans's autopsy reportedly showed evidence of recent marijuana consumption, as well as a blood alcohol content level of .19, more than twice the legal intoxication level. But that doesn't make the accident any less tragic.

His MySpace page remains online at this writing. Here's how he described himself:

Gather 'round and get to know me...I know nothing about everything and everything about nothing...dont believe me??? I'll spin a story for you...I love my boys and my guitar and my drums, just music (it can save your life for real). I've lived a pretty crazy life so far. I'm sortof off the wall...I speak before thinking. I'm a better person today than I was on this day a year ago, so I suppose that I'm on the right track. I love in general...and I'm not talkin about no 20 dollars per hour, backseat of your car, stanky-stanky hanky-panky...just love for those that deserve it...anyways wanna know more just ask.

Also online are loads of photos, including a batch from a 2009 visit to Coors Field. Here are three examples:

1 robert seamans.jpg

2 robert seamans.jpg

3 robert seamans.jpg
But also included are lots of other family oriented photos like these.

seamans sledding 1.jpg

seamans sledding 2.jpg

seamans sledding 3.jpg
These photos represent the Robert Seamans his loved ones knew and will miss long after the current headlines are forgotten.

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this is Robert's sister and I just wanted to say thank you for actually looking at him as a person... A great person who would have given you the clothes off his back even if you didn't need them just to see a smile. "These photos represent the Robert Seamans his loved ones knew and will miss long after the current headlines are forgotten." couldn't have said it better! Thank you again!!! It's taken me this long just to look on line because my friends and family warned me of the things that people were saying and this is the first day I have seen the stairwell he died in... all I can say is thank you soooo much for being compassionate to those who are still here healing


RIP man... sad story

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