Crocheted flag shows differences of suburban & urban gays: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Wheat Ridge gay crochete Rainbow Flag Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Gay pride festivals are celebrated mid-June in Denver and on the last weekend of August in Boulder. In Wheat Ridge, gay pride is celebrated everyday at a home with a well-hung rainbow flag that has been entirely crafted in a gay crochet...

Wheat Ridge Gay Crochet Rainbow Flag Kenny Be Blog2.jpg
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The crocheted rainbow flag hanging from the home pictured above is more than a symbol of equality. It is also visual proof that suburban gays are radically different than urban gays.

If this house were in Denver, the residents would have not spent their precious time crocheting a rainbow flag. Instead, a designer flag would have been purchased at Heaven Sent Me, and time would have been spent on home improvements.

While a suburban gay spends his time crocheting indoors, an urban gay would have been covering that white house with the ghastly hospital green trim in a more suitable Martha Stewart Living paint color scheme of Persimmon Red, Cornbread and Araucana Teal.

Below, suburban gay knickknackery...

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Just found this... more than a year later. That's my house, and that's my flag. Your analysis is wrong, sorry dear....


I'm female, omnisexual, and in my early 40s. Crochet is not a just for grandmas anymore... google yarn bombing and see what young women are up to these days.


yeah, the paint on the house sucks. I can't afford to paint it (I was thinking pale lavender, with dark purple and turquoise trim. I am accepting donations).


Next to the door is a fairy with blue wings, not a pony. (I'm so not brony) The "angry hippie" is a Green Man. Adds up to "pagan gay." :)


currently, my yard is decorated year-round with dead flamingos and a zombie. The graveyard was for halloween; it's coming down in a day or two.


For more crochet delights, check out the Obama tree banner... the letters are made from crochet flowers. 


Thanks for enjoying my flag!


*mwah* Barbara

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