Faux stone turns the unnatural into the supernatural: Kenny Be's Yard Arteology

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Faux stone turns unnatural into supernatural Kenny Be Westword Blog head.jpg
Westwood: Postal pyramid.

Nothing quite says dead letter like the faux-stone postal pyramid pictured above. While the sturdy base looks almost normal, it's the rocky roof that turns this unnatural mailbox into something almost supernatural...

Faux Stone Zigurat Mailbox Kenny Be Westword Blog.jpg
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The faux-stone covered lean-to and mailbox pictured above make a complimentary, yet curious pairing. The mix-matched faux stones and slap-dash faux-stone masonry simultaneously suggest the work of a harried craftsman after an unexpected close-out sale at a nearby building center.

The most remarkable aspect of this fake-rock project is the slope of the mailbox rooftop. By tilting the roof line ever so slightly, the builder has miraculously created a mailbox that appears to be a solemn monument to the dead undertaking of the written message.

Below, the faux-stone day bed...

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