Taste of Colorado Drinking Game: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Taste of Colorado Drinking Game Denver Civic Center Labor Day Kenny Be Blog Head.jpg

Rules of the Game: Make your annual end-of-summer people watching trek to the Taste of Colorado more tasteful by taking the listed number of drinks (below) from your beer or wine whenever you see these classic Civic Center characters...

Taste of Colorado Drinking Game One Drink Kenny Be Blog1.jpg

Take one drink whenever you hear a Journey cover song being played by an aging rocker in a black beret (above left), or if you see a mother-daughter pair wearing identical Forever 21 outfits (above right).

Below, when to take two drinks...

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I don't know that I will need to eat at all today, now. thanks Kenny - Very funny - and accurate as usual

Barnes Cynde
Barnes Cynde

I don't care whether you drink or not....this is plain funny!


Kenny Be, Calhoun should be paying you in pieces of eight and gold doubloons.

But Jesus, we'll all be hammered 10 paces from the beer tent.

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