Tim Tebow vs. Cowboys in preseason opener: Wild, crazy, not ready for prime time (VIDEO)

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Tim Tebow.
Yesterday, I predicted that last night's Broncos-Cowboys preseason opener wouldn't provide us with definitive answers when it comes to Tim Tebow's NFL future -- and it didn't. However, Denver's 24-23 loss indicated that the minority of fans arguing that Kyle Orton should start at QB are right. Tebow's play was often exciting, but also more erratic than Snooki on a bender.

Of course, Brady Quinn's second half performance -- he led two touchdown drives -- will convince some observers that he deserves to be second on the depth chart, and on most squads, he would be. But given the heat already on John Fox to play Tebow over Orton, there's no way in hell he'd bump Timmy down to the third slot. Is that a hill worth dying on? Answer: no.

Besides, Orton wasn't exactly all-world in his brief appearance. While he threw one excellent pass, to Eric Decker, he also failed to push the Broncos into the end zone after leading them inside the ten -- a chronic problem last year that doesn't seem to have vanished. Still, he looked confident, crisp and capable of dealing with the myriad decisions an NFL quarterback must make each time the pigskin smacks his palm.

Not Tebow. You could see the wheels turning as he dropped back in the pocket, and frequently, they didn't spin fast enough, prompting him overlook open receivers in favor of taking off and running. Granted, he does that very well, but he leaps to this option too quickly -- and if he doesn't figure out a way to use this skill less frequently, the only endorsement deal open to him will be Blue Cross.

His accuracy issues haven't gone away, either. Although he ultimately completed six of seven passes, that's only because his receivers caught balls in their general vicinity, as opposed to ones right on target -- and that's not to mention the stupid pick he tossed, which was waved off due to a penalty.

Moreover, Tebow remains too eager to make something happen even when nothing good is on the horizon. In that respect, he's like the young (and not so young) Brett Favre, except without a cannon arm to save him from himself.

The Broncos' defense was pretty erratic last night, too. Without the intermittent slip-ups, missed assignments and so on, Denver would have won the game -- not that it mattered. But what most viewers will take away from the game is the quarterback contest, which is clearly over. Unless he's injured, Orton will remain the Broncos' number one passer. Because, at this point anyhow, Tebow as a starter would be a thrilling disaster.

Here are some highlights from the game:

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Horse With No Name
Horse With No Name

I don't know why all this attention is being focused on which one is best because quite frankly they all suck and none of them are the caliber that will get us to the playoffs. Orton can't throw the ball more than 10 yards and Tebow thinks he's Elway which he clearly is not. Stop trying to figure out who is best and instead focus on getting a decent QB.


Here's one for you,

If you had a choice, based on last night's game, who would you pick as your 3rd guy?

Steven McGee or Tebow?

There's some grumbling in Dallas this morning about Danny McCray's injury, in that it occurred just before half time, on a busted play in which Tebow looked idiotic. Three penalties, a pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage, and the whole thing reeking of high school or less level play.

It might not be that significant to anybody else, but to the guy whose opportunity to play at this level might be jeapordized by this nonsense, Tebow's gaffe could be tragic.

Rick Reilly's right, so is Woody Paige.

Tebow, according to Reilly, looks like a guy being chased by bees.

Paige, when querried about Tebow's penchant for the outrageous vs. a pro quarterback with tangible ability, replied "never throw away a sure thing for romance".

One thing's for sure after last night. Quinn's a legit 2 guy behind Orton.

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

You've got a series of interesting points, Eric. Thanks.


Tebow reminds me of another QB who ran around aimlessly, threw interceptions and looked awkward....Brett Favre. He was somewhat successful. Favre had an offensive line, receivers that could run routs and a pretty good offfensive co-ordinator. Denver has won one playoff game since 1998. For Tebows sake, I hope they trade him.

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