Top 10 moments in 10 years of Invesco Field at Mile High -- soon to be Sports Authority Field

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It's official: Invesco Field at Mile High is about to become Sports Authority Field at Mile High. But before all the signs are changed, what were the top ten moments during the nearly ten years under the Invesco name? Here's the list and text from the history section of the Invesco Field website -- and surprisingly enough, the Broncos only figure in one of the selections. Count 'em down below.

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10. Eagles Concert
"The Eagles concert was the first event held at INVESCO Field at Mile High on August 11, 2001. The event itself served as the unveiling of the recently finished and state-of-the-art stadium."

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So many people there to see such a let down....


I'm very happy about the change!S.A. is way more fitting of Mile High Stadium. I need to point out, all of us can keep the Mile High name alive. All we need to do is refer to the stadium as MILE HIGH everytime we refer to the stadium, it's that easy!!!

Now if we can get Zap over at channel 31 to do the same! Words mean what we say they mean. Our stadium is called MILE HIGH STADIUM!


I agree! It's still Mile High to me!

Ian Williams
Ian Williams

It's called Mile High Stadium. I don't care who owns it.

I still miss watching the old one transform from Broncos-mode to Zephyrs-mode. The new one is pretty, but the old one made Optimus Prime look like a swiss army knife. 

Mile High 4Eva!!!!!
Mile High 4Eva!!!!!

Agreed.  It's Mile High.  Always will be.  Besides, most of Sports Authority's crap is made in China or Pakistan and should have no association with the American institution of football.  Wait, this computer I'm typing away on is made in China.  The TV I use to view American football was made in China, and so was the cable box through which I receive the signal.  Holy shit, man!  Even the spoon I used to cook up my crack is made in Taiwan.  Fuckin' A!!!  We're being assimilated by outsourced commercialism!!  In protest, I'm going to go drink some Coors Light.  Wait, weren't they bought by Molson?  I'd go smoke some pot to console myself.  Wait, the vaporizer I like to use was made in Taiwan.  

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