Top 10 things you shouldn't call the cops to help you find -- aside from your lost remote

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The Greeley Police Department recently shared this report from late last month: "Police responded to the 2100 block of 35th Avenue Court after a woman complained that someone stole the remote control for her television cable box. The officer helped the woman find her remote."

That was nice of him -- but nonetheless, there are some things you shouldn't call the cops to help you find after they go missing. Here's our top ten.

10. Your keys

No one stole them. You came home drunk last night and dropped them in a potted tree you mistook for your manservant. Which you don't have.

9. Your fashion sense

fashion sense.jpg
Once upon a time you knew how to dress cool -- back before Square Pegs was canceled. But now, you wear Crocs in public and think your T-shirt that says, "I WISH MY LAWN WAS EMO, SO IT WOULD CUT ITSELF" is hilarious. Give up now.

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I thought this was okay, but just don't like the clickthroughs. Getting them on one or two pages would help.

S. Smith
S. Smith

Congrats on the comment of the day! When you point out the WW is one of only two print news publications left in Denver, it is pretty scary. What will we do when all of our independent journalists are gone? Their job as watchdog of government is very important. What can be done to support local newspapers so that they can provide all the news we need?

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