Reader: Colorado rejecting 1976 Olympics was among state's worst sports moments

Kyle Garratt's post about the Top 5 worst Colorado sports moments, inspired by the Colorado Rockies' astonishing seventeen-Sunday-losses-in-a-row streak, prompted readers to nominate their own lowlights.

Here's a particularly interesting nomination.

Eric writes:

Though we didn't realize it at the time, the voters' 66%-33% rejection in November of 1972 of the XII Winter Olympiad, the 1976 Winter Olympic Games, was as bad a moment as there ever was in Colorado Sports.

Colorado had been awarded the games via bid by the IOC in May of 1970... All that stood in the way was voter approval to fund the games by passing a 5 million dollar bond issue.

A rise in cost, fears of terrorism, and environmental concerns all played into it, but the measure was defeated soundly in th1972 General Election.

Colorado's in the running for the '22 Winter Games. I honestly thought we'd never get another chance, but chance, however outside it may be, it is.

I wonder what will happen this time.

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2022 for only a $5M bond issue?Count me as a YES.If more than $5M, then NO.


Agreed.  And we may be able to add the residents of Jefferson County's asinine sabotage of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge to that list.

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