Zachariah Dobler: Murder charge for running over tow-truck driver at DUI crash while drunk

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Big pic below.
It allegedly took two drunk drivers to kill Alan Dilley. The tow-truck operator was on the scene of an active DUI-crash investigation when he was struck and killed by a car piloted by Zachariah Dobler, who was reportedly drunk at the time. Criminal records show that was nothing new for him -- likely one reason he's been charged with murder in addition to vehicular homicide.

Just past 1:30 a.m. on July 31, according to the arrest affidavit on view below, Arvada Police were investigating what's described as a DUI accident at the intersection of Colorado State Highway 121 and West 58th Avenue. A number of police and fire district vehicles, lights flashing, were on hand, with a cone zone in place and assorted officers directing traffic. Also there: Dilley, clad in a black uniform with yellow reflective stripes.

In the midst of this activity, a Nissan Rogue heading northbound on CSI 121 drove through the cones that set off a through lane and veered toward the crashed car. Dilley was standing nearby, and the Nissan hit him so hard that he flew around 120 feet. He was pronounced dead at St. Anthony's Hospital shortly thereafter.

Cops say the Nissan didn't stop or even attempt to slow down. In fact, they believe the driver, later identified as Dobler, actually accelerated through the intersection.

Immediately after the second accident, officers broadcast a description of the Rogue, and another cop a few blocks away spotted it -- not that difficult a chore, given that it had extensive front-end damage. Dobler was ordered out of the vehicle -- a command he initially ignored. He later denied drinking, even though the arresting officer says he had booze on his breath and bloodshot, watery eyes. The driver insisted that he hadn't realized he'd hit a person, but he knew he'd smacked into something, and was planning to stop at the next intersection to check his car.

Three blood draws followed. What did they show? Jefferson County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Pam Russell says that information can't be released at this time. But Dobler had definitely been through the drill before. His license had previously been revoked for three alcohol convictions, as well as for his status as a habitual traffic offender. Later, Dobler was issued what's known as an interlock license -- meaning he was restricted to driving a vehicle that wouldn't start if it detected alcohol on his breath. But the Nissan didn't have such a system.

Spokeswoman Russell says Dobler is accused of not having permission to take the car -- hence, a charge of aggravated motor vehicle theft in addition to one focused on evading or circumventing an ignition interlock device. But of the seven other counts he's facing, by far the most serious is first-degree murder, extreme indifference.

"Certainly, Mr. Dobler is charged with vehicular homicide," Russell notes. "But the case was staffed by the district attorney and several chief deputies, and they looked at the evidence, including evidence not in the affidavit, and not public at this time. And at the end of the day, the district attorney believed, and the others concurred, that murder (with extreme indifference) was the appropriate charge. It fit this set of circumstances."

Look below to get a better view of Dobler's booking photo, as well as to read the aforementioned affidavit, which follows charging documents.

dobler zarachiah.jpg
Zachariah Dobler.

Zachariah Dobler Arrest Affidavit and Charging Documents

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I knew this man in middle school and onward...he was always " that one that got away" thank god he did, i never in my wildest dreams thought he could do this, i never saw him that way, even still have pics of him as a teen..innocent and free loving...i hope he goes away for good, he as walked away too many times untouched....

Billy Brennan
Billy Brennan

they should let some body run his ass over why wast money on putting him in jail


What the hell is wrong with his misshapen head? It closely resembles a dildo w/ears.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Help is on the way!  Governor Hickenlooper has identified the first item on his first legislative agenda -- to ram a 5 ng of THC per ml of blood per se DUID standard through the General Assembly despite a lack of scientific support for it.

Quoth the Governor (|Gov_John_Hickenlooper_May_2001; I've tried to render his speech semi-phonetically):  "But it shouldn't just be about one person, and, I think, whether yer talkin' about trying to find a solution furr marijuana enforcement, right? [surely his most annoying verbal habit!] (unintelligible) where people've been smoking marijuana and they cause an automobile accident,[smacks his lips], I think there's sufficient science out there, we ought to be able tuh, you know, [sniff!] set a limit, andt everyone agree that, if, yuh've got a bad back and you got medical marijuana and you smoke it, you'd better not drive!".

The Governor would be happy to shift the onus which properly lies on alcohol and the alcohol industry onto cannabis, and police, so-called "Drug Recognition Experts", DAs, judges, and other prohibitionist parasites off the public purse are hard at work right now manufacturing the statistics to justify their miserable existence.  Impairment caused by the use of cannabis is not a significant threat to motorists, and any attempt to represent it as such is unsupported by science.  Despite having a degree in geology, I think, based on the quote above, that the Governor could claim ignorance as an excuse (were it possible to confront him with the truth), but his idiotic mouthings directly serve the interests of corporate alcohol peddlers and the larger class of enemy agents in Colorado who profit from Prohibition.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, Proverbs says that as a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool does to his folly.  Hick is crazy for trying to lead the pack back to Colorado's vomit.  It is clear enough that the number of incidents such as resulted in Mr. Dilley's death would drop precipitously were all alcoholics to use cannabis instead, not only from the science, but from a visceral consideration of a substitution of cannabis for alcohol in the story as the cause of Alan Dilley's death -- that would be shocking, because most of us who have had cannabis and have had alcohol cannot even imagine such circumstances.

Colorado is full of drunks, and despite the fact that they kill and main on the roads due to alcohol's profound impairment of motor coordination, there is a substantial industry devoted to getting people drunk, and the Governor is a promoter of that industry.  In Capitol Hill, drunks cruise the streets by my house nightly with seeming impunity, but CDOT will shortly tell us that the "Heat is On" cannabis-users statewide.  The only people who accept this situation are the parasites and the alcohol-pushers (who benefit economically), and their ignorant dupes -- the Governor is not standing up for the public interest!  Expect to see lots of horrific stories of alcoholic mayhem on Colorado's highways as long as Hypocrite Hick remains in office.

Michelle LaMay
Michelle LaMay

I'm looking forward to representatives from the powerful and influential lobbying non-profit, S.A.F.E.R. (need help with acronym!) stepping up and pushing back on this issue, in person with Hick, on behalf of all their contributors. Will you let us know, Mason, what he says and what you may have accomplished over a few at the brewery?

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