13-year-old girl accused of trying to murder her family by fire -- four times

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13 year old arson suspect cropped.jpg
Bigger pic below.
For a school photo, a certain Jefferson County eighth-grader wore a cheerleading shirt. But right now, neither she nor her family has anything to cheer about.

The thirteen-year-old is currently in custody, accused of trying to kill the other six members of her family by burning down their home -- not just once, but four separate times.

According to 7News, flames first entered the picture on April 21, when a grass fire began to burn near a Myers Gulch Road rental property where the family lived at the time.

destroyed rental home.jpg
The destroyed rental property.
This conflagration was hardly an isolated incident. The next day, a fire started on the home's back deck. Firefighters were able to douse it. But then, a short time later, another blaze began burning in a bedroom -- and this one destroyed the entire home.

13 year old arson suspect 2.jpg
A formal portrait of the suspect.
In the beginning, suspicion fell upon a seventeen-year-old boy, one of five kids living at the home. But investigators switched theories after September 9, when another grass fire flared up near the Indian Hills home where the clan had moved after their previous abode became unlivable.

The thirteen-year-old girl was arrested at her middle school.

13 year old arson suspect.jpg
In her cheerleading shirt.
The family's name has not been divulged in order to protect the identity of the underage suspect. However, her father, ID'd as Brad, spoke to 7News. In his view, and that of his wife, charging the girl with attempted murder times six is over the top. "She just needs help," he said. "I know she wasn't trying to murder us."

Nonetheless, Jeffco authorities are sticking with the attempted murder counts, supplemented by others involving arson, criminal mischief and more, all of which will be adjudicated in the juvenile system. In the meantime, the girl is being held at the Mount View Youth Services Center.

Where presumably she's got no access to matches.

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Lizzie Gowers
Lizzie Gowers

"I know she wasn't trying to murder us"...really? Why else would she set fire to the house FOUR times, when it was full of people? She certainly does need help and you need to get out of denial.


This is a cry for help and something, (besides charcoal), smells here. And i get the feeling blurring the image of the child's photo and the non disclosure of the name isn't to protect her so much as the parents who need to be asked some hard questions. That being said, thank goodness the boy wasn't railroaded.

Rosemary Love
Rosemary Love

This family must be going through so much, my thoughts and prayers are with them. I'm sure this wasn't intended to hurt anyone. I hope they don't charge her with attempted murder. It sounds like the family is willing to work with investigators to get her the help she needs.


Huh... Attempted murder by arson and 13. Doesn't say malevolence more than mentally ill. I really hope that she ends up somewhere other than corrections.


Here here what's with the idiots making excuses for her

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