9/11 ten years later: What would big stories in Denver have been if the world hadn't changed?

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What happened to Ed?
The media coverage of the upcoming ten year anniversary of 9/11 has focused on the terrorist strikes and their aftermath. But what would the big stories in Denver have been if the attacks never happened?

Look below at the lost top ten from the day before the tragedy, and imagine September 11, 2001 if it had been just another day.

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10. Aspen gets sexy.
The Christian Science Monitor's Robert Struckman looked at a promotional campaign in Aspen meant to attract a younger generation of skiers to town. One ad featured a "sultry blond with mussed hair" leaning against a wall, hips forward, midriff bare, plus the slogan, "In Aspen, you might meet someone dynamic, exciting, attractive, athletic, witty, charismatic, and (in bigger letters) sexy."

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Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

The world did not change, we did. We let the terrorist change our country for the worst and they did so by using our own hands. The carnage they caused is nothing compared to what we've done to ourselves.

Marcus Rose
Marcus Rose

I was living in Las Vegas at the time and for some reason did not turn the news on while getting ready for work. I pulled out of my garage and put on KOMP 92.3fm and instead of music, the morning show djs were talking about a breaking news story out of New York and that someone was calling from there giving a detailed description of the events taking place. I must have blown through 5 traffic lights trying to get to work to see a television.... The whole rest of the day was spent inside a doctors lounge at the hospital I worked at just watching in awe! I pray I never live to see Anything so horrific again.

Paul Vincent Saurini
Paul Vincent Saurini

Not only americans should be remembered, but every innocent life on every side that has been unwittingly and undeservingly caught up in the mayhem.

Paul Vincent Saurini
Paul Vincent Saurini

I was stranded by the attacks in L.A. having flown there that week. I kept my rental car and drove home through Vegas. It was surreal because the jovial fun you usually hear in Las Vagas was nowhere. Everyone out and about was quiet and looking at each other in a strange way. I was in Cali that week researching the possibility of moving there and what happened had a serious impact on my plans. I hate saying that Osama Bin Laden changed the outcome of my life. Fortunately though, I still feel like I've lived my own destiny. The attack cost us much in freedom. We're not better off and we'll still pay the price for that horrible act for decades to come. 911 was used as a phony pretext to invade Iraq. How many Iraqi people were killed? How many millions were displaced? 911 caused the United States to hurt more innocent people as a response than those who were hurt on 911 in the first place. The Bush Doctrine is tyrannical to the world. I find it even more fascinating and ironic that this mayhem was bought and payed for by cash that didn't really exist to be spent. Osama Bin Laden and the WAR BARONS WIN!!!!!!!!

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