CenturyLink to leave HQ building less than year after replacing Qwest's blue light with its logo?

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centurylink sign cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
Update below: It's barely been a month since CenturyLink finished replacing Qwest's blue light with its own logo at 1801 California Street, one of the most familiar structures in downtown Denver.

Now come reports that the company may be vacating the building less than a year from now.

This information comes from the Denver Business Journal, which reports that the building's sale is pending -- and that CenturyLink is expected to split when its lease comes due on June 30, 2012.

We've reached out to CenturyLink spokesman John Hall to get his take on these assertions; when and if he responds, we'll update this post.

Update, 12:26 p.m. September 16: Just heard from CenturyLink spokesman John Hall, who shares the same statement provided to other media outlets, He writes: "CenturyLink is in negotiations with the current owner of 1801 California Street as we look ahead to when our current lease expires in June, 2012. We are hopeful that we will continue to have a presence at that location, but we are not in a position to discuss the terms of the negotiations."

Below, take a look at photos of the sign change provided to us by CenturyLink.

centurylink qwest sign.jpg
The way it was.

centurylink worker on scaffolding with letter.jpg
Give him a "C."

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But....but I need the glowing green anus of sauron to guide me home! What will I do now!


Really, this old copper wire company ought to be called Century-old Link. Probably called in the negotiation meeting on Skype.


Never thought I'd miss the Qwest sign until I saw the CenturyLink sign.

Derp McGurk
Derp McGurk

 The Century Link should either be replaced by a giant pot leaf or a Westword sign.  Come on, that's gotta be in the top running for "Comment of the Day," right, Mr. Roberts?

Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez

*What* CenturyLink sign?  You can barely see the damn thing, even at night.

As for the lease -- I worked for Qwest until August 2010 and we were told even then that they basically had no plans to stay at 1801 California once the lease expired in June 2012.  They had already started moving a lot of offices out of the building by then, as well as from other buildings Qwest occupied downtown.  Maybe some of those plans changed once the merger with CenturyLink was completed, but this story is not a surprise to me.

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