Denver boot wed alert! Pay your tickets before you loan your car to a bride

Talk about a veiled threat! On Saturday, a bride emerged from a LoDo salon hours before her scheduled nuptials in the mountains, only to find a Denver boot on the Range Rover that a friend had borrowed so that they could arrive at the ceremony in style. Now we've got more details on that unexpected wedding gift.

Although booting on Saturday is rare, the Range Rover was a repeat offender. And there's no question that the fellow (his name is being kept anonymous to protect the very guilty) knew that he was a citation scofflaw.

The Range Rover had eleven outstanding citations valued at $585 going back to last November, when it was booted. And last year, on October 12, the same car was booted for having seventeen unpaid parking tickets worth upwards of $700.

That's a chunk of change that could have bought the happy couple a nice wedding gift -- rather than a hair-raising shock that was enough to undo the bride's updo.

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What kind of asshole loans his car to a friend knowing it's got 11 unpaid tickets? 

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