Denver Post unfair to Tea Party in coverage of cheer for "Let him die" line at GOP debate?

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Ron Paul.
These Denver blog posts should be served piping hot.

Free Colorado's Ari Armstrong thinks the Post unfairly equated the entire Tea Party with a few idiots who seemed to cheer a hypothetical young man's death during Ron Paul's portion of a GOP debate.

At Education News Colorado, Kristina Tabor advocates getting past political bickering.

DenverInfill shares Union Station update number 86!

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Those "few idiots" Armstrong's referring to are the base of the conservative teabag electorate.

No wannabee repub candidate can win the nomination without passing the teabag litmus, and that candidate better be rick perry mean or else.

It pisses me off that Armstrong, who's on record as being against ANY Federal help for ANYBODY (but him) for ANY reason now cowers from what Paul said.

Armstrong has advocated for the abolishment of food stamps. Unemployment benifits, any aid of any kind.

Now he pretends that the morons cheering for a person to die waiting for a procedure because that person can't afford it aren't the very base of the republican and teabag party.

Jesus, Armstrong, if you advocate a position, advocate the damn thing.


That wasn't a debate, it was the political version of a Gladiator sport, what a shame.


Dying uninsured and penniless "is what freedom is all about."

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