John Elway's choice for Broncos quarterback doesn't play for the Broncos right now

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John Elway.
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Mile High Report's John Bena thinks that after the Broncos limp through 2011, John Elway will handpick his true successor in next year's draft. Suck for Luck!

The Grazing Mind's Jarod Ballentine offers a natural take on the Naturally Boulder Autumn Awards and Pitch Slam.

This Lively Earth's Priscilla Stuckey takes visitors on a Colorado River canoe ride. Enjoy.

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But then again, that kid is the choice of every team in that league as their future quarterback.

Elway would surely rather trade up to get him than be in position to get him as a result of record.

Right now the team just better figure out how to block the run and defend the run.

Quarterback's the least of this team's worries.

There are 3 guys on the offensive roster of this team that could start for another team in the AFC West. Clady at LT, LLoyd at WR, and KyleOrton, who would start for either Oakland or KC.

And the emphasis is on a position that's handled by a competent player.

Talk about a fan base that has no idea what they're watching or talking about.

The obsession with a 3rd string quarterback that can't throw is a distraction this team doesn't need. 

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