Racist clip of Asians talking about CU & Utah joining Pac-12 pulled by Fox Sports (VIDEO)

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Video below.
Today's Boulder Daily Camera features an article in which University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Darryl Maeda calls a Fox Sports report about CU and Utah joining the Pac-12 conference "demeaning" to Asians. But the newspaper didn't really need to seek out an expert to make this claim. Anyone with a working medulla oblongata should be able to perceive the blatant racism of the clip, which is on view below.

The video finds alleged comedian Bob Oschack on the University of Southern California campus, where he talks to a succession of Asian students who know nothing about the Colorado and Utah conference change. It's basically the Jay Leno Jaywalking concept, but with a specific racial focus amplified by Oschack's smug manner and general assholery. He even targets the pronunciation of interviewees for whom English is clearly a second language. Classy.

The video has now been pulled from the Fox Sports website, and a network spokesman provided the Camera with the following statement: "The context was clearly inappropriate and the video was removed as soon as we became aware of it. We will review our editorial process to determine where the breakdown occurred, and we will take steps to ensure something like this never happens again."

Not exactly reassuring words given the distance the video travels over the line. See for yourself below.

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Really??? How ignorant can you be?! Why do people like  Bob Oschack have a need to compensate their I.Q. level to ask "Asians" about football, which they obviously giver a rats ass about? I'd like to see things from his point of view, but I can't shove my head that far up my ass! Moron! (Sorry, that's giving morons a bad name)


Thank you Darryl Maeda! Bob Oschack is a fruckin' plick.


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Helmethead's funny because any one of the people being interviewed is smarter than Oschack and will soon be his boss or landlord.  And it's not demeaning to Asians, but rather, a commentary on how "American" culture is more focused on a sport that cheers on human beings injecting themselves with steriods to become freakishly large then running full speed into each other to cause irreparable brain damage.  Hahahaha, self-poisoning and debilitating injury for entertainment is so funny!, especially when others don't see the fun in it! 

Yay 'merica!



But remember, this idiot cut his teeth on Dennis Miller's mean spirited strain of "comedy".

Miller's made a living demeaning other people, and there's a certain demographic that gravitates to his nasty approach.

Oschack was mimicking him

The curious part of Oschack's routine is that he attempted to humiliate a certain ethnic group on a very conservative campus. USC is known as very right and unquestionably picky in its' student body selection.

Oschack was screwing with people undeniably smarter than him, kids that will no doubt run circles around him earnings wise, and, as Angilif32 so eloquently put it, kids that have a whole lot more going for them than dolts knowledgeable about football.

Fox Sports is slipping. The negative consequences of attempting to humiliate a demographic that's not white on a conservative campus outweigh the giggle factor that the network was able to wrangle from the racists, nativity's, goobers, uninformed fox news viewers, and the overall slime that watches their product. 

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