Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol celebrates Supreme Court wins with Signature Bomb

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Mason Tvert.
The Colorado Supreme Court has rejected two title-board-related challenges to the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act of 2012 -- one by gadfly Doug Bruce, another from advocate Corey Donahue.

Although these matters may have seemed like distractions, Regulate proponent Mason Tvert insists otherwise. He's more focused on gathering petitions for the act -- a mission that he hopes to fuel via a weekend effort dubbed a "signature bomb."

Bruce felt that the word "tax" wasn't prominent enough in the title bestowed upon the Act, while Donahue argued that its name was misleading. He felt the moniker should read either the "Regulation of Marijuana with Enforcement Through the Department of Revenue" or "The Sentencing Reform of Marijuana for the More Efficient Use of Law Enforcement Resources."

The Supreme Court slapped down each of these assertions; get details in the rulings, on view below. But Tvert, corresponding by e-mail, maintains that fighting against them "had no noticeable impact on the energy of our supporters and the momentum of this campaign.

"Our goal is to end marijuana prohibition," he adds. "That is what this initiative will do, and that is what they ballot title conveys. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the court upheld it."

Meanwhile, the petition drive moves forward. At this point, Tvert estimates the number of signatures collected at 70,000-75,000. Only around 86,000 are needed to qualify the measure for the November 2012 ballot, but backers are shooting for 145,000 to supply a cushion.

With that in mind, Act forces are hoping to gather another 10,000 signatures this weekend alone. Look below to get details, as well as to read the aforementioned Supreme Court decisions, which can also be accessed by clicking here and here.

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Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol release:

The campaign is making a major push over the next two weeks to collect 10,000 signatures via volunteers and local businesses, culminating with a "Signature Bomb" on October 1st and 2nd. Our goal that weekend is to have volunteers out petitioning and local businesses asking every customer to sign throughout the weekend.

If you want to participate but do not have a petition, or if you need another, please call us at 303-861-0033 or send an e-mail to with your name, address, and phone number so we can get you one right away. If you already have a petition but have yet to fill, we hope you'll get out there over the next week and help make the Signature Bomb a success.

Anyone who collects at least 50 signatures will become an official member of the 2012 Street Team and receive a free Street Team T-shirt. We'll also be having a pizza party in Denver on Sunday, October 2, for those who have collected 50 or more. Details will be provided to Street Team members next week.

This initiative presents the best chance in history to make marijuana legal, and you can help make it all possible by collecting the signatures needed to get it on the ballot. We're about halfway there, but we're not going to reach our goal of finishing by the end of October without assistance from people like you. So please get involved today, participate in the Signature Bomb, and be a part of making history in 2012!

Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol: Douglas Bruce Decision
Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol: Corey Donahue Decision

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Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

Glad they are going to put Bruce's bs behind them.  Now we just gotta "keep on keepin on."


Every bud sold legally is one less sold illegally.

Mr. Tvert is right - we need supermarkets selling legally-grown marijuana to adults at prices low enough to prevent illegal competition. That's the *only* way to drive drug dealers off the street and *away* from our children!

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

The campaign's goal of 145,000 signatures likely needs upward revision, quite possibly to 175,000 (due to only approximately half of all signatures being those of registered voters). 


I'd sign again if it would help. 

Really hoping this passes in 2012. We need to keep up the momentum with measures like this to ultimately end the failed war on drugs. Let's stop making criminals out of drug users. Drug laws do far more damage to people's lives than using ever will.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

We will support re-legalization however we can.   The deficiencies of Initiative 30 are beside the point; it would reduce criminal liability for cannabis in Colorado, and so the vast majority of patients and users will support it.  There is no useful purpose served in attacking it -- if and when other initiatives are filed with the Secretary of State, some remote chance that they would make the ballot will exist, and we would be able to support them as well.  If your initiative is superior, we can vote for it and for Initiative 30 in good conscience, because Colorado law provides that if conflicting initiatives pass, the one with the most votes prevails.

Robert ChaseColorado Coalition for Patients and Caregivers(720) 213-6497

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Some people are ineducable, and you must be one of them.

The question on every citizen of Colorado's lips should be "What is being done to compel the DOR and other State agencies to comply with the laws regarding open meetings and public records?".

Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts

Some campaigns actually try to get triple the number of needed signatures for this very reason. Thanks for the post, Robert.

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