Stefanie Dickinson, on school board, allegedly sexts teen about rocking his effing world

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Stefanie Dickinson mug shot cropped.jpg
More pics below.
Today, 37-year-old Stefanie Dickinson is expected to step down from her position as treasurer for the Ellicott District 22 Board of Education.

Why? Might have something to do with her arrest for allegedly sexting a fourteen-year-old boy.

According to KKTV in Colorado Springs, the sister of the teen was the first to become concerned about the relationship between the boy and Dickinson, who's served on the school board for two years.

Stefanie Dickinson 2.jpg
A casual shot of Dickinson.
But what appears to have clinched it were text messages she read on her brother's phone. Some examples from the police affidavit:

"O hell no baby...I just want u"

"Proly not tonight...U will have to sneak out sometime"

"Baby I will rock ur effing world!!! Haha"

Another text took a less erotic tone. It read, "You can't tell anyone about this at all because I could lose my family."

Stefanie Dickinson mug shot.jpg
A larger look at Dickinson's mug shot.
The recipient of these come-ons told cops the notes started coming shortly after he accompanied Dickinson and said family to Lake Meredith, in the Ordway area, about a month ago. She supposedly asked for his cell-phone number in order to share photos from the trip -- but she's accused of sending a lot more than that.

Right now, Dickinson is on administrative leave from her day job, at an area hospital. Lucky thing her schedule is clear, because her attendance is required at a September 28 advisement. In the meantime, she's free on bond, and no doubt being very careful who she's texting, and about what.

Look below to see a report on Dickinson from Fox21 in Colorado Springs.

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People don't even suprise me anymore.  What the hell is this world coming to? 


This report almost makes it sound like there was something going on between the two of them. I'm very close with this family and I know for a fact that nothing was going on, she was WANTING it to happen though. What a perv.


Uuuuuuuuuum, didn't every other newspaper and TV station report this on, like, Monday? Hey, Mike, read a newspaper.

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