Reader: Christian questioning Tim Tebow's faith may not be authentic in his own

Tim Tebow.
Every once in a while, an item featured as a Comment of the Day will generate more of a response than it did originally. That was the case with self-declared Christian S. Book, who cast doubts as to whether Tim Tebow is sincerely devoted to faith.

Here's one Tebow defense.

Youthwrk writes:

I wonder if S. Book is authentic in his faith? Don't judge for you will be judged in like manner. Only God knows the heart of Tim. What he lives out in his life is what is in his heart. And if he should fall S. will you,like God, forgive him or will you condemn him to rot on the sidelines? If you do not, you haven't really understood what God's grace is all about!

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So now tebow nation's turning on eachother?

Who'da thunk it? Christ-ee on christ-ee finger pointing.

I'm thinking tebow fatigue is just around the corner. Or maybe it's allready here.

Koolai Jones
Koolai Jones

Or...maybe there's NO authentic Christians left?


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