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The way he was.
Our post about Troubleshooter Tom Martino's bankruptcy is hardly the first time we've reported about the consumer advocate-turned-empire builder. Below, we've assembled ten pieces from the past decade plus, ranging from a report about how he was scammed by a fellow employee and looks into slumlord-ready properties to his attempted ambush of a Westword writer he mistook for someone else. Oh, the humanity! Relive it below.

Troubleshooter Tom Martino with sidekicks Donna Lavery and "Father" John Fiest.
"When Trouble Shoots Back," January 27, 2000: "Bill Dallman, the Fox 31 news director, had better work overtime to keep his first hire, chest-pounding radio troubleshooter Tom Martino, fat and happy. Because if Martino's 1999 departure from Channel 4 is any indication, he's not a guy to leave a job quietly."

"OutFoxed," May 10, 2001: "The most prominent of these individuals -- self-proclaimed "troubleshooter" Tom Martino, who specializes in exposing scams on Channel 31 and a nationally syndicated radio show heard locally on KHOW -- isn't taking the passive approach to the potential loss of his investment with [former colleague Scott] McDonald: a whopping $50,000."

Tony Marquette and his wife, Debbie, said Tom Martino didn't troubleshoot when they used someone from his website.
"Target: Tom," March 3, 2005: "When the contractor's work failed to satisfy him and Troubleshooter Network staffers didn't set things right by his standards, Marquette's admiration for the radio host began to deteriorate. He's now threatening to sue the contractor, as well as Martino, who 'needs to be knocked off his soapbox and told, "You talk a lot of crap,"'"

hotel martino.jpg
A Martino-related property whose garage became a drug den.
"Welcome to Hotel Martino: The homeless love it, the neighbors hate it," October 30, 2008: "Over the past year, Denver code-enforcement inspectors and police officers have sent numerous missives to one Thomas G. Martino regarding alleged health and safety violations at these addresses."

"Another ugly Martino real estate investment," October 30, 2008: "I found more evidence of neglect: a vacant house whose yard is overgrown with weeds and filled with trash."

"Tom Martino's arrogance helps him win court case," April 29, 2009: "A key part of the judgment states that Martino's program "contains many of the elements that would reduce the audience's expectation of learning an objective fact: drama, hyperbolic language, an opinionated and arrogant host, and heated controversy." In other words, his style and approach are so intertwined with entertainment value and self-promotion that anyone who actually believes what he's saying gets what he or she deserves."

"Martino TV debut: A real sell job," June 1, 2009: "At least the show is watchable -- or it will be for those who enjoy morning fare with a large slice of ego."

tom martino efusjon.jpg
Tom Martino pimps Efusjon.
"Troubleshooter Tom Martino uses TV and radio to promote the trickle-up economics of Efusjon," July 23, 2009: "The pyramid structure that defines income distribution in these networks has helped promulgate two views of the multibillion-dollar-a-year multi-level marketing industry. The first is that these are legitimate businesses that have chosen to bypass marketing and distribution costs by incentivizing everyday people to sell their merchandise or services. The other is that multi-level marketing is a legal scam that allows a small number of people to reap massive profits by building what amounts to a Ponzi scheme around a bunch of overpriced crap."

"Tom Martino attempts to ambush Westword writer in McDonald's parking lot!," August 13, 2009: "He didn't seem to be moving as quickly as the mustachioed Martino I remember watching on TV in the '80s when he could hurdle all manner of parking blocks and bushes in his pursuit of crooks and scammers."

Tom Martino: "Westword Can't Handle the Truth!" from Joe Tone on Vimeo.

"Tom Martino misidentifies writer in Westword 'exposé,'" August 17, 2009: "His sputterings about only wanting to get the truth and the facts extra-hilarious is the true fact that the photo he identifies as [Jared Jacang] Maher is actually of former Westword writer Adam Cayton-Holland."

More from our Media archive: "Is Tom Martino afraid of Adam Cayton-Holland?"

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Joyce Terlaje
Joyce Terlaje

Is he a JW? If so, that would definitely explain alot! It amazes me how so many lunatics are tied to that cult!

Ginny Tice
Ginny Tice

I'm kind of with Ozzie. I listen to Tom's show, and I like him. He's helped a lot of people (me included). Yes, he might be a tad arrogant and he might have a bit of an ego, but he's a human being, and he makes mistakes. Yes, this was a *big* mistake, but most of us are fortunate not to have our big mistakes repeatedly plastered all over social media. It's always fascinated me that when Tom's friend and former colleague, Peter Boyles was canned by Clear Channel for assaulting his producer, Westword barely uttered a peep. Please, Westword, just let this go. Tom will pay -- likely dearly -- for this mistake. No need to continue kicking him when he's down.

Ozzie Perch
Ozzie Perch

so the guy is a jerk...why go on about it? seen many articles about his issues he's just tryin to make a buck... except we can't tolerate the domestic violence bit he needs to give up that one!

Scott Adelmann
Scott Adelmann

Tom Martino walks into a bar bartender says GET THE FUCK OUT!


LOL!  When I had a problem with a home builder years ago I was apparently among many who found Martino's show to be mostly confrontational "entertainment" (confratainment?), pandering to an audience who can't think independently and just gets their jollies from others' pain.  Kind of like the TomWannabes who used to prowl his message board when it existed, mimicking Tom's style and generally being of no use. I got most of my real help from true consumer groups, run by people who weren't being paid at all, and who'd been through the type of problem I had had.  E.g. and  Eventually I settled my case and got my damages back, but so called consumer advocates like Martino were of no help at all and only wasted my time.  It is a shame that by acting entertaining, people get paid a lot of money to dispense canned and pretty much useless information to people who are stressed from problems.  I think the world is ready for a real consumer show.

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