Will Stillman to talk about house of horrors, and how boys are abused, too

The house.
Last September, I told the story of Kristen Stillman. She'd survived incredible horrors while imprisoned in a home in northwest Denver, where her mother had left Kristen and Will, her twin, when they were just eight. Eric Torrez, the head of that household, tortured the twins, raping Kristen and fathering the four children she gave birth to before she was twenty.

Today, Will will tell his story.

Will and Kristen, now 23, were both originally scheduled to speak at "Survivors, the Kristen and Will Stillman Story," at 11 a.m. today at the Tivoli Multicultural Lounge, 900 Auraria Parkway; they've also filmed a segment with Anderson Cooper that is slated to air this month. But a year after she gave up her four children by Torrez, children whose care she'd been billed for by the Denver Department of Human Services, the agency that should have kept Kristen and Will safe when they were children, Kristen is moving to Wisconsin to be with the father of her new baby.

Will will be speaking alone.

Like Kristen, Will survived unspeakable psychological and physical abuse. Torrez beat him, starved him, tortured him -- and when he tried to tell teachers, police officers, anyone else in a position of authority, "nothing happened," he remembers. So he's telling his story because he hopes that going public could help other children, could convince adults to listen and take action. Once the twins found a police officer who'd actually listen to their story, Torrez and the rest of his family were charged, with Torrez eventually sentenced to 300 years in prison.

"That's the only reason I agreed to do the thing for CNN," he says. "I'm very interested in doing anything I can to help."

When members of the national media interview the twins, they always seem more interested in Kristen's story, Will notes -- "but it's sad but true. That stuff happens to boys, too... They want to ignore that stuff happening, because it's kind of disturbing."

Like Kristen, Will is building the family he never had. His girlfriend is due on September 30, and they know the baby will be a boy. Already, Will is thinking about the dangers out in the world, the people who will hurt children -- and the people who will ignore their cries. He wants to keep his boy safe, Will says: "I don't want him to leave my sight."

Today's talk, which is free and open to the public, is sponsored by Metro State Student Activities, CU Denver Student Life and CCD Student Life.

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Maria Roman
Maria Roman

Both Will and Kristen are amazing, strong people.  I read their story months ago in one of my magazines and was so inspired, moved, and yet horrified all at the same time.  May God bless them through their life's journey and be the most wonderful parents to their children, the type of parents they never had.  Without proper role models, they became two truly inspirational people that I've ever read about whereas they love their own children even though they never were taught nor seen love.  I think about their story and what they went through.  I know God will help them heal and give them grace and continued strength.  My heart broke in pieces when I read their story (I am a mother of a 3 year old boy and can't imagine the pain).  But their infinite goodness and kindness captivated my heart and made it whole again!!


Kristen an Will are both liers and the truth is going to be told and then every one will hear the truth about kriten and will

Trisha H
Trisha H

 How are they liars?  Do your research:  the DNA tests on Kristen's children were not Patrick's (Eric's son), but Eric is the father of Kristen's four children.  Even though Kristen was forced to "marry" Patrick to make everything look legal, the truth is simple:  Eric, Patrick's father, raped Kristen.  The police officer who interviewed both Kristen and Will separately came to the conclusion that their stories matched.  Read the book by Dr. Mary Ellen O'Toole, "Dangerous Instincts,": quote "there is no perfect conspiracy".  If Kristen and Will made up this long, detailed, horrific elaborate story, man, that's incredible!  So maybe the DNA tests "lied", too, all four of them.  Shape up and show an ounce of compassion.  Remember, you didn't do time during your childhood summers in a basement chained up (Will) or have your head held in a bucket of ice water (Kristen) or have your teacher notice the burns on your hands (Will).


please explain how they are liars?


Because I am the daughter of Eric and Linda torrez and the sister of patrick Torrez and I know that the dna said that the four kids belong to my father and we did not know Kristen and William Stillman at the age of 8  and I will not  show compassion for those two people because Kristen abused her kids too starting when the turned old enough okay like you said do your research okay

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