10 best tweets about Tim Tebow following the Broncos win over Miami

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Just in case you went on a two-day heroin bender starting early Sunday or you were busy occupying stuff for the past several days, Tim Tebow really screwed up the Broncos' chance of drafting Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck after the season. He led two touchdown drives with less than three minutes remaining in the game and beat the Miami Dolphins in overtime -- and afterward, as you might expect, Twitter exploded with Tebow talk -- much of it hilarious.

The Chosen One was still trending over 24 hours after the team's second win of the season. A surprisingly large amount of NBA players offered compliments and an unsurprisingly large number of guys whose avatar is a picture of themselves taken with their cell phone in the mirror called him "fucking gay."

Here are the ten best tweets about Tebow.

Tim Tebow just sneezed. Story at 11...
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10. Andrew Brandt: It's an easy joke to make, but it's still clever -- and it gets you on the list.

We will always remember where we were when Tim Tebow led the 2nd crappiest team in the NFL to an ot victory over the worst team in the NFL.
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9. Stephen Rodrick: Only slightly less monumental than the JFK assassination, right?

I'm not where I can see the Tebow game, but did he run over and turn the Gatorade bucket into wine or heal a leper on the sideline?
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8. Ryan McGee: This tweet obviously plays on Tebow's rich history in witchcraft.

So, @RealSkipBayless wants you to remember Tebow "just won". I hope he remembers he was also "just playing the Dolphins."
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7. Peyton's Head: We're not sure what it says about America that a Twitter account making fun of the size of Peyton Manning's head has over 13,000 followers. Still, this tweet both makes fun of relentlessly annoying ESPN gas bag Skip Bayless and points out that playing Miami is not a real NFL game.

Remember that time Tim Tebow saved the world by beating the 0-5 Miami Dolphins?
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6. Josh Prestigiacomo: A message ESPN executives should have read before planning their post-game coverage.

Page down for the top five.

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It's "Stanford".

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Easy, CRice, he made a mistake.

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