Barack Obama draws protests and cheers during speech at Auraria (PHOTOS)

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obama at auraria october 26 2011.jpg
Big pics below.
Neither snow nor SNOBAMA could prevent President Barack Obama from taking the podium at the Auraria campus this morning. During his address, he touted his jobs bill and a restructuring of student loans -- a topic calculated to appeal to a crowd estimated at 4,000.

Photographer Chip Kalback captured the scene outside, where protesters made their points, and in. Check out his images below.

1 obama auraria stop keystone xl pipeline protesters.jpg
Photo by Chip Kalback
Protesters tell the President he can stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

2 obama auraria passionate protester.jpg
Photo by Chip Kalback
Passions ran hot despite the cold.

3 obama auraria crowd does wave.jpg
Photo by Chip Kalback
Inside, it was wave time.

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Del Morrison
Del Morrison

We all know everyone gets hand picked inside, then they probably let a few protesters inside to make everything look legit, These are all a scam. Obama won't get re-elected. hes done wayyy to much to screw up the country. How does the racial guilt feel america? Only reason he was elected was because he was black


Ummmmm, did I miss the article? What did the president actually say? And the vague hints at the snow storm...did they actually make an impact on the president's visit? Nice pics, but they belong on FB not the homepage of a journalistic newspaper.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

I addressed hundreds waiting in line:  "Mr. President, you can kiss-off Colorado -- you have betrayed millions who voted for you.  Criminal justice reform is the most important issue facing our nation.  The United States of America is not "the land of the free" because we imprison more people than any other nation on earth; over three percent of the entire population of the country is in jail or prison, or on parole or probation.  Our insane laws against drugs, especially cannabis, are to blame".  You may well have read me post this before, and I have repeated something similar (through a bullhorn -- haters) many times at the monthly rallies against Prohibition.  I expect to have to keep repeating that for the rest of my days, because the U.S. shows no sign of backing off its program of criminalizing and incarcerating more and more people.

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