Blue Mustang is DIA's most famous artwork, but there are other pieces to love... or hate

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"Mustang," Luis Jimenez's killer horse at Denver International Airport, just placed third in a recent survey of the country's most bizarre public art. But it definitely ranks first in the hearts and minds of Denver residents, who either really love or really, really hate the sculpture.

This past spring, in an attempt to get some harder data about how people feel about the airport's massive public art program -- and how to expand that program as the airport expands -- DIA posted an online survey asking participants to identify their favorite artwork and describe how those "works of art influence your impression of DIA."

And now the results are in. DIA and Arts & Venues Denver will host the "DIA Art Master Plan Town Hall" from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 1 at Crossroads Theater, 2590 Washington Street. And you're invited. Here's an airport release:

Denver International Airport's Art and Culture Program has been working to design a master plan that will establish creative direction for the facility's existing cultural assets, and to help guide the commissioning of new artworks. DIA and Arts & Venues Denver invite you to hear the recommendations of the planning team. Please join us in determining the future of one of Denver's most vital cultural assets.

Everyone's welcome -- including those conspiracy theorists who think that many of the DIA artworks -- including the new floor piece by Juane Quick-to-See Smith and Ken Iwamasa that replaced the leaky "Mountain Mirage" (shown above) -- carry secret messages from the New World Order, or Martians, or whoever's living in those secret tunnels beneath the airport.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "Mayor's Design Award honors a very new building on a very old block -- Stoneman's Row."

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Crossroads Theater at Five Points

2590 Washington St., Denver, CO

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Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams

That photograph of the Donkey Work could be done better.The Donkey Work should have been photographed with the Big Top, lemon meringue pie behind the horse.

Light Rail Tattler
Light Rail Tattler

I would like the Westword to report how much sales tax 1% for the Arts has been spent and on what; who is the present Art Czar.


I voted 1% sales tax increase for the Arts.The 1% sales tax increase for the Arts passed.Wilma Webb became the Art Czar for these very few Public con-art projects that cost the taxpayer millions of dollars.Way to go Wilma.

Ray Denonville
Ray Denonville

What do you expect me to do about it, Patricia?Go sleep in Civic Center Park?Hold up a sign 1% for the Arts?What about John Grant? Son in law of the Super-Democrat and bully Jim Hannifin owner of Ready Dog Labor.John Grant placed the Blue Bear at the Convention Center for 1%What about the magnified newsprint plastered on the southside of the Convention Center for 1%1%1%ARTPolitical garbage trash. Con-Art.

Mr Manumba Ney
Mr Manumba Ney

The Fentress teflon coated fiberglass bigtop has survived the hail storm of critics.So will this sculpture likeness of John Elway.

Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

Between that horse and that stormtrooper mural, DIA has some scary artwork.  Everyone I pickup and take to the airport from out of town comments on that Mustang.  Why it has glowing red eyes is beyond me.  

They should paint a Broncos jersey on it.

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