Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor go on $200,000 spending spree using counterfeit credit cards

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carl hughes mug shot cropped.jpg
Big pics below.
If you had virtually unlimited access to merchandise via counterfeit credit cards, would you go to... Arby's?

Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor and Larry Coates did, according to an indictment on view below -- and they're accused of making plenty of other stops as well. Total estimated bill: $200,000-plus.

Between May 1 and October 1 of last year, Coates, Hughes and Taylor allegedly obtained credit card account numbers belonging to customers from a single institution: Citibank of South Dakota. They then encoded that account information onto counterfeit credit cards and started spending under false names that often showed a show-biz flair. Pseudonyms included Carl Cheadle -- likely a nod to Denver-raised Don Cheadle, of Ocean's Eleven fame -- and Summer Welch.

Some of their purchases were for big ticket items that the three are alleged to have either kept for themselves or shipped out of Colorado to thus-far-unidentified folks -- fences, presumably. In addition, they used the cards for everyday living expenses like food -- and they had simple tastes. Here's a sampling:

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As you can see, most of the stores they're said to have targeted are major chains. But they also hit some stand-alones, including Eye Pieces of Vail. On a single day, August 13, the indictment says they sucked more than $5,000 worth o' stuff out of the joint in four separate transactions

The buys added up to more than $200,000 in five months -- a tidy haul. But there's no good-mood food where the three wound up. Hughes and Taylor were tossed into Denver County Jail on $500,000 bonds, while Coates was picked up in Maryland, with plans to extradite him to Colorado. Charges against them include multiple counts of theft, identity theft, forgery and conspiracy, as well as a bonus charge: violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act.

Look below to see large mug shots of Carl Cheadle and Summer Welch -- er, Carl Hughes and Tyrea Taylor -- plus the aforementioned indictment.

carl hughes mug shot.jpg
Carl Hughes.

tyrea taylor mug shot.jpg
Tyrea Taylor.

Larry Coates/Carl Hughes/Tyrea Taylor Indictment

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Tyrea known as tee to me is my ex wife and mother of my son its a shame that she fell like this hopefully she can get her act together for our son

Isabella Mohan
Isabella Mohan

I believe charges on Carl Hughes were dropped, and in fact, never filed, because there was no evidence that he was involved, despite this misleading article. Mr. Hughes is a community activist who was counseling Larry for career readiness, when he, innocently and through no fault of his own got caught up in the mix.I find the competency of this reporter negligible, and as a community activist myself, am personally struck by the disregard for accuracy in reporting.


That's crazy I know Carl jr. He from the K. Always was a standup guy. Dont know what's up with that hair style thou.


Damn.. she needs to lift and separate.. oh yeah, and not steal innocent peoples money


Easy and simple solution. Make them pay for all of the purchases and then take a baseball bat to their knees.


I agree Mr. Hughes is a respectful and stand up gentleman that seems to me just got caught up in some foolishness. Hopefully this will get settled and Mr. Hughes will be able to continue on being a considerate and kind guy.


why ya'll bullshitting dats my ex girlfriend but i don't give a rats ass about her she is from atlanta she looks better then wht she appears on dis mugshot got ass like nicki minaj but is wht it is she won't learn maybe this teach her

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