Emily Sirota on MSNBC to talk about "America's Wildest School Board Race" (VIDEO)

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Emily Sirota.
Last night, MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell devoted a hefty five-minute segment (on view below) to the Denver school board race and candidate Emily Sirota. Why? O'Donnell followed an article from The Nation that called the contest the wackiest in the country. But it's hard to imagine either piece existing without the media clout of syndicated columnist, author and AM760 host David Sirota, Emily's husband.

John Nichols, author of The Nation piece, discloses in it that he's "known and respected" David, described as a "progressive author and commentator," since "his days as as aide to Congressman David Obey, D-Wisconsin." David has also written for The Nation -- here's his online page at the publication. And he's guested on MSNBC on numerous occasions, including this past March, when he was quizzed by Rachel Maddow about his latest book, Back to Our Future.

Nonetheless, O'Donnell didn't mention David by name during last night's segment -- although a photo of him with Emily, their son Isaac and their dog did flash on the screen at one point. Instead, Emily was portrayed as something of an Everymom (albeit one who used to work for Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer) fighting a slate of well-financed opponents with a pro-voucher agenda.

Emily Sirota isn't to blame for this omission -- that's on O'Donnell and his team. And neither does her husband deserve criticism for using his connections to benefit a campaign in which he obviously believes. Still, there's little doubt the interest of The Nation and MSNBC was piqued by the last name of a certain underdog candidate.

Look below to see The Last Word segment, followed by a Fox31 piece on the race with a very different spin -- one in which Sirota is portrayed as fighting the sort of reforms supported by her opponent, Anne Rowe.


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David Sirota may not deserve any criticism for believing in his wife's campaign,  but he sure does deserve criticism for the way he's spinning it.  To read Sirota or John Nichols, you'd think that Emily Sirota was the only Democrat standing in the way of complete GOP dominance of the Denver School Board.  Vouchers and pray the gay away schools here we come!  The problem is that Denver is a heavily democratic city, as i sthe candidate pool.  Different ideas, sure, but none of them are going to turn  DPS into a house of union busting and 10 commandments plaques.

Though maybe David Sirota needs to revisit the "thou shalt not lie" commandment himself.

Robert Chase
Robert Chase

Denver is "America's Angriest City".  Our mail-in election is "America's Wildest School Board Race".  Colorado's medical cannabis disaster is "A Model for the Nation".  Someone must be intercepting the riders carrying posts east and re-writing the dispatches.

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