Reader: Only magazine that doesn't feature pics of hot, barely dressed girls is the New Yorker

The debate over the scrapped Hot Ass contest and fake-orgasm competitions at HempCon 2011, an alleged medical marijuana event, continues to broil even though the bash itself is over. Here's a post taking on the question of centerfolds in pot-oriented publications.

Ryan John Smith writes:

What's your definition of "centerfold"?

A girl posing in a bikini with a bong or a leaf?

High Times has been doing this for years; as has Sports Illustrated and pretty much every other major magazine printed today with the exception of the New Yorker.

What's with the animosity, brah? Are you anti-girl and anti-herb? Do you hate music and puppies, too ?

Do a J. Relax.

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Colorado Mmj Patient
Colorado Mmj Patient

For the record, we also do not publish pictures of barely dressed girls, and we cover Colorado MMJ.

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